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Travel News Roundup

Lufthansa Pilot Strike Leaves 150,000 Passengers Stranded UPDATE 12.03.14:  The pilots’ union Vereinigung Cockpit said there will be a new strike on Thursday as a result. It will affect long-haul and cargo flights and will start at 3 am local German time (0200 GMT) and last until just after midnight. Negotiations between the union andContinue Reading

Finally — a Viable Flatbed in an Economy Cabin!

  Why do people go to great lengths to get into these most coveted first and business class cabins? Think about it for a moment. All those crazy things people do, like mileage runs, incessant credit card churning, staking Wallmarts and CVSs for manufactured spend… Would we be so active (or should I say, obsessed) inContinue Reading

Airlines are slipping us a roofie again

  Isn’t it funny that every time a big corporation loses a battle in their never-ending war against consumers, they immediately roll up their sleeves and start grinding at it again? Never give up, do they? No, it’s not funny! The ink hasn’t even dried on the DOT’s ruling mandating the airlines to display aContinue Reading

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