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Photo Review: Sheraton Rio Hotel and Resort

  The Location Sheraton Rio (12,000-16,000 points per night) is located in Sao Conrado, next to Leblon. It is sandwiched between the ocean and one of the most famous Rio favelas called Vidigal that is built, like the rest of them into the mountain cliffs. That location of the hotel is unique in Rio, asContinue Reading

Saturday Night Late. Very Late! 06.14.2014

Welcome to the first part of the of my funniest posts collection! To me, your enjoyment is more important than miles, points, and the beverage of your choice. Do not skip this post just because it is not about credit card bonuses, buying money with money, or flight to the moon in a Singapore suite.Continue Reading

Brazil World Cup 2014: Rio

Read My Fabulous NYC-Rio Coach Flight Review Rio greeted us with pouring rain. We knew it would be rainy, but still were hoping the would be wrong. It wasn’t. Sigh We cleared the customs and went to the arrival area. The first taxi kiosk we encountered quoted R$135 to Leblon. Rip off. We wentContinue Reading

So, United Has Gone Revenue-Based. Yawn!

  Honestly, when I read about it on Tuesday, I didn’t even want to bother. Then I read about it again on Wednesday. Then on Wednesday night. Then I looked in the deepest and most intimate sanctum of my soul and touched the very core of my being (that’s my 6th or 7th caipirinha talking–not me!) andContinue Reading

Hilton HHonors Changes 2014

  A year ago, in light of the upcoming huge Hitlon devaluation of 2013, I wrote the post aptly named: Hilton HHonors Armageddon. Oy! The point of that article was that while there had been some really drastic devaluation of some of their best properties, they had also introduced some positive changes. Two Flyertalk members Jerry305 and RichdaryContinue Reading

#AAdvantageMAAsacre – Part Deux

Reader MikeS sent me an email reminding that AA is not the first US airline that introduced major changes without a notice. Delta did it too. Thanks Mike. Totally slipped my mind. That doesn’t let AA off the hook, though.  My yesterday post is here. As I mentioned yesterday, American Airlines has introduced some drasticContinue Reading

American Airlines Has Gutted its AAdvantage Program #AAdvantageMAAsacre

  New American chief Doug Parker has shown his true colors–for the umpteenth time. Let us begin with what they’ve done so far. Although, keep in mind, this is a very sneaky devaluation, as it has never been officially announced. What’s incredibly disgusting about it is that the two worst changes have been done with noContinue Reading

A Few Afterthoughts for the New Marriott Changes 2014

OK, so I’ve had a chance to play with new Marriott changes a little bit longer. I was mostly interested in determining whether or not the value of the program has been considerably reduced in 1-4 categories. Not only because redemptions for these categories doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, but also because theContinue Reading

Friday Mish-Mash: US Air Crash, Marriott Rumors, Taliban Video, etc

US Airways Plane Crashes in Philly. No Injuries Are Reported A US Airways Airbus A320 crashed during takeoff at Philadelphia International Airport within the past hour. Flight 1702 was on the runway taking off en route to Fort Lauderdale when a tire blew out, a US Airways spokesman told Frequent Business Traveler. There were no injuries wereContinue Reading

Best Miles Redemption Values: A Slightly Contrarian Opinion

Best Miles Redemption Values: A Slightly Contrarian Opinion

Everyone knows that booking an award seat in premium class represents best redemption values. Depending on your destination, you can get 6, 12, hell, even 20 cents per mile if you redeem in Business and especially the First. Compare that to lame 1.5-2 cents on a mile in lousy domestic economy. Well, maybe 3 cents ifContinue Reading

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