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Miles & Points Good Stuff Weekly — 03.08-03.15

I know what you think — is this guy for real? What good stuff? There is no good stuff in miles & points business. It’s all decline, decay, and misery, wherever you look. Well, I’ll prove you wrong. Although, to prove you wrong, I’ll need your cooperation — we have some pretending to do. ForContinue Reading

Good Stuff Weekly 02/15-02/22

OK, this is my second weekly digest of what is good and right about this hobby, and I really hope it will become a tradition of sorts. So do me a favor and let’s pretend that we know nothing about the rumored upcoming doom Walmart crackdown on debit gift cards, troubling reports that Target is starting toContinue Reading

REDcard Target Blues–Loading Hiccups 02.17.15

  I have wanted to get the REDcard Target prepaid card, AKA REDbird for a long time. Here is a very short post about my first dreadful experience with this wonderful product. Since I live in NYC, where this bird doesn’t fly, I had to look for outside help. One of my FB secret groupContinue Reading

Manufactured Spending and Susan, the Milkmaid

I’m breaking my regular programming (which is pigging out on food, booze, sun and ocean waves here on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic) to bring you this. A few days ago, Matt from Saverocity wrote a brilliant post in response to another great post by Shawn from Miles to Memories. Here is aContinue Reading

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