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OK, this is my second weekly digest of what is good and right about this hobby, and I really hope it will become a tradition of sorts. So do me a favor and let’s pretend that we know nothing about the rumored upcoming doom Walmart crackdown on debit gift cards, troubling reports that Target is starting to clamp down on the use of RedCards; let’s even forget that Expedia has stealthily canceled many reservations, as well as mine and my cousin Timmy’s for using their generous discount code they had mistakenly released into the wild — let’s focus on what’s good, shall we?

Because there are still things deals that are good and decent in this world. Manufactured spending is not dead. And it’s not dying. Along with some other stuff.

Get 3% APY on a checking account

Tooting my own horn. Not everything is about credit cards and prepaid cards. The LMCU 3% APY MaxChecking is a solid deal that in addition to a high yield APY lets you fund your account for up to $5K with a credit card. That’s $5,000 of free manufactured spending. Of course, there are hoops you’ll have to jump through, but these jumps are easy to automate. Read here:

How Would You Like a 3% APY Checking Account?

$3750 in Free Manufactured Spend with Flint

Miles Remaining posts about a credit/debit card app that offers up to five free $750 transactions per month. Found on Rapid Travel Chai

$3750 in Free Manufactured Spend with Flint

New 3X on Everything for the First Year

As Doctor of Credit points out in his thoroughly researched post, the new Discover It Miles is practically a 3x cashback card. This is how it works (in general).

The card comes with a 1.5X cashback (miles have nothing to do with it, really). After the first 12 months they double your cashback for the first year and put it in your account. Then it keeps earning you 1.5X, so you can put the card in a sock and put your mind at ease.

In addition, there is a $30 annual credit for the in-flight internet and  a free Transunion FICO score, but that’s not important! What’s important is, that 3x is the next best thing after 5X. Of course, it’s not as sexy as 5X, but there is no such thing as 5X on everything (OK, OK, Wells Fargo for 6 months, I hear you). DOC believes that this card is not a great deal, but you can’t always use 5X category bonuses.  And some folks might appreciate the simplicity of the whole thing. As much as I hate credit cards without sign up bonuses, I think I might grab it during my next AOR.

Full Discover it Miles Review – 3x Miles On All Purchases For First Year (1.5x Miles Thereafter)

New Prepaid Card that Explicitely Allows Credit Card Loads

Per Flyertalk and Doctor of Credit (again), we have learned about yet another MS opportunity. It’s limited and not without risks. Metabank, duh!

This card (presumably) allows loads up to $250 a week up to (presumably) $1,000 a month. You really have to CLICK and READ the above links to understand why I hesitate. This is not for the faint of heart.

However, even though the loads are so low, it is (presumably) possible to order several cards from different partners to make it more scalable.

That’s about it. Oh, yes, there is that silly Delta 20-minute guarantee, but please…


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