Live from Cancun: Hot, Sticky, Noisy, and PRICEY!




It’s been a while since I flew on Spirit, and it didn’t disappoint. It brought me to Cancun an hour late due to some computer issues, but luckily, the problem occurred on the second leg from FLL. If it had happened to my New York flight, I wouldn’t have made it.

The Big Front Seat–Spirit tongue-in-cheek answer to big boys domestic first–did not disappoint either. This very comfortable seat with generous recline cost me less than $60 for both segments. On the other hand, I must invest in a wheeled underseater because right now it’s and old laptop bag; it’s packed in defiance of the laws of physics, space, and zippers, and my back is killing me. There is no way I’m gong to shell out $40 or so to check a bag, and the older I get, the more stuff I can’t leave home without. I do not deserve to suffer like this. Do I?

Now, if one Spirit Air learns how to provide their credit card holders with priority boarding (which is a published benefit),and how to sell semi-resemblance of food on their flights–at least some sandwiches, I’m not asking for much–I would be totally a happy camper.

My last time in Cancun was three years ago, and I liked it better back then. Maybe it’s that it was in December when the weather was nice. Maybe, it was that I stayed at an AI, and didn’t have to spend (almost) any money. Maybe I was more mellow, and being accosted by touts at every turn didn’t bother me that much. I don’t know, but I don’t remember being offered hookers (and everything else too) as aggressively as today. What the hell, I thought it was a Cambodia thing? Can it be that I just look more desperate than three years ago?

Don’t get me wrong. Cancun is still a great place to get separated from [some] of your money. The ocean is beautiful. The tourist-pampering infrastructure is great. Excellent roads, rich history, efficient public transportation, overabundance of reasonably-priced accommodations, all kinds of parks and beautiful natural wonders, friendliness of the locals, what else can you wish for? But the heat! Don’t come here in the summer. Seriously!

I’m staying two days at Aloft Cancun on points, after which I’m moving to Moon Palace where the TBEX conference is taking place. Even the discounted $200 daily rate is too rich for my blood. Don’t know about you, but I hate paying for travel. 🙂

Aloft is a weird property. I could see myself staying here in the future, as it’s better than any 3-star hotel I’ve ever stayed at. Still there are plenty of shortcomings. I’ll write about Aloft Cancun in a separate post, so just another pic for now.

To my brazen request for the suite, they gave me an upgraded room on the top floor with a view that you can see on the title picture above. Here is, however, the same view without the embellishment. 🙂



To Be Continued.


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Rapid Travel Chai

Great post, classic ‘ocean view’ room. My only time in Cancun I stayed in an airport hotel for the night, drove out to Chichen Itza and the others, and flew out. Curious your take on TBEX. I went to the one in Toronto and felt it very cliquey and mostly people trying to wheedle press trips.

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