Last Day for the All Four Chase Southwest 50,000-Point Bonus Offers




There are currently four Chase Southwest Airlines 50,000-point bonus offers (scroll to #9): two for personal cards (Premier and Plus) and two for business cards (also Premier and Plus). You can apply and be approved for all four, but not on the same day. Depending on how many Chase card you have right now, you might get approved for two cards, though, and if you want Southwest points, you shouldn’t waste any time since they can pull their offers at any time today.

The Premier card has $99 annual fee and the Plus has $69. Either is worth every penny and then some. 50,000 points still take you a long, long way if you use them on Wanna Get Away fares.

One unique feature of The Southwest rewards program is that your points earned with a credit card sign up bonus qualify you for the Companion Pass. So if you “earn” 100,000 points via the credit card bonus, you will only need 10,000 more for the pass. And their Companion Pass is absolutely terrific in that you can add a companion even on an award flight!. Just think about it. That’s two free lunches instead of one!

Does it mean today is your last chance to get 50,000 Southwest points bonus? No. The 50,000-point offer gets resurrected every few months, so whenever it’s gone, it’s likely to return at some time in the future, although there is never any guarantees. So if you weren’t planning on applying for these cards now, don’t worry. There’s a good chance you’ll get it next year.

However, if you did mean to apply for these cards now, then I suggest you do it ASAP. You’re running against  the clock.

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