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SPG Marriott Merger and My Thoughts on Transfer Opportunities

  I’m between flights right now. Got back from the Fincon (Financial Bloggers) conference in San Diego on Sunday and already packing for my next Asia trip on Saturday (later about that). Maybe it’s not all that unusual for you, vagabonds, but I’m not one of you. I usually spread out my flights throughout theContinue Reading

Best Western Rewards Credit Cards, Barclaycard Arrival New Bonus, AMEX Business Gold, I’m going to “FinCon16 and more.

  Updated my credit card bonuses pages. Best Credit Cards for Miles — Free Flights  Best Credit Cards for Points — Free Hotel Stays  But first the news! I have some affiliate links now I know, I know. And you Brutus… Well, the way I see it, if you want to support this blog (please do!)Continue Reading

ANA Secret Trick — Best FF Program for U.S. Travelers, Part 5

    Which is the Best Frequent Flyer Program for U.S. Travelers, Part 1 ANA Award Availability — The Best FF Program for U.S. Travelers, Part 2 ANA Awards Booking, Etihad Apartment, Routing Rules, and More — The Best FF Program for U.S. Travelers, Part 3 ANA Fuel Surcharge Is Gone… Kinda — Best FFContinue Reading

Delta Devaluation 2016: Book an Award Flight to India Before It’s Too Late

  Let me get this off my chest first Delta SkyMiles is the most dishonest and unethical major U.S. frequent flyer program. Always has been and probably always will. As a reminder, Delta doesn’t announce award changes anymore. They just change the redemption levels after a certain date. As a result, you don’t have aContinue Reading

Safety in Rio in Light of Ryan Lochte Rio Olympic Shenanigans

  Ryan Lochte twitter hashtag is going insane. It’s hard not to see why. The Olympic gold medalist has been indicted for lying to the police. Things like this don’t happen every day. Even at these Olympics. And then Lochte memes were born. Washington Post has some nice samples. Rio is not an awfully safe city. Not byContinue Reading

New Fantastic Way to Redeem JetBlue Points at 2 Pennies

  Did you, guys, know that? If so, I apologize. I am NOT unfamiliar with the JetBlue TrueBlue program — in fact I’ve written killer reports on maximizing JetBlue values here, here, and here (yes, I’m humble, too), but I’ve never known you could get that much value out of their currency. And what a great wayContinue Reading

New Chase Ritz Carlton Bonus — Should You Apply?

  Now, usually when you see a question like that in the title on other blogs, it may mean only one thing — SURE! In this case, however, I honestly don’t know and could address this question to myself. Not that I can apply for the Ritz Carlton card, since I have had one forContinue Reading

United Stopover Rules 2016 “Enhancements” — Excursionist Edition

  United Stopover Rules 2016: Excursionist Perk Seriously??? That’s the best your (presumably) award-winning marketing team could come up with? Now, I ain’t no marketeer, but I did go to college at some point. Are you sure that a weird, long-winded, 4-syllable word is the best way to get your point across? Well, alright then. I can seeContinue Reading

More About New Super-Duper Chase Sapphire Reserve (?) Elite (?) Credit Card with Lots of “Ifs”

  Funny. It feels as if just yesterday I was talking about the rumors of a new supercharged Chase Sapphire Reserve (or Chase Sapphire Elite) card coming out our way. Oh wait! You’re saying it was yesterday? Gee, time doesn’t really fly, does it? Liars! Yesterday night, the original poster mvcore updated the news on FT. Ok so I was ableContinue Reading

Etihad A380 First Apartment New Award Opportunities

  The Etihad A380 First Apartment is amazing, as in amazingly spacious and beautiful. Many travelers believe it’s currently the best first class suite in the world. That is not counting Etihad First Residence, which is unattainable for award travel anyway. The Etihad A380 First Apartment is so spacious you can drop and give 20 … toContinue Reading

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