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The New IHG PointBreaks List: 7/27-10/31

  Thanks to Loyalty Lobby, we now know how the new list of IHG PointBreaks will look (comes out on Monday, 7/24). The list is not published yet, but when it is you will find it at this link: IHG PointBreaks List 7/27-10/31 Unlike the last list that was exclusively full of duds, this one really hasContinue Reading

Airline Fare Wars: USA to Mexico for $188-$209

I love to see airlines fight. Per Flight Deal, there is a price war going on right now between AA and United. United has been attacking American / US Airways fares this week to Mexico. American is finally returning the favor out of: Newark [EWR] Chicago [ORD] San Francisco [SFO] Denver [DEN] Houston [IAH] Cleveland [CLE]Continue Reading

Girona, Spain is the Gem of Costa Brava—Photo Report

Girona is a city in Costa Brava, Spain, and the capital of the namesake province. It’s also one of the oldest cities in Catalonia that dates to the pre-Roman times. We spent about 4 hours in Girona on the way back from Figueres, and I regret we didn’t have time for more. The beauty ofContinue Reading

Vacation Rentals Pros, Cons, Savings, and Trade Offs | Case Study: Paris

  This is the second part of my “case study” on vacation rentals. Read Part 1 here: Vacation Rentals Pros, Cons, Savings, and Trade Offs: Part 1 Full Disclosure: I have received a consideration from FlipKey in writing this post. The opinions, recommendations, and editorial content are entirely mine and have not been provided, edited, reviewedContinue Reading

Vacation Rentals Pros, Cons, Savings, and Trade Offs: Part 1

  Full Disclosure I met with a FlipKey representative when I went to #TBEX in Spain, and shared my idea on writing a post about vacation rentals and the place they have in budget travel. Vacation rentals was a thing that kept me on the road before miles and points, and I still rent homesContinue Reading

Flight Deals from USA to Iguazu Falls from $273! Insane…

I was about to go to bed when I decided to check if there was anything new on Twitter. Better if I didn’t because there was! #Airfare Deal: [LA] New York / Los Angeles / Miami / Orlando – Iguazu Falls, Brazil. $273 – $423 r/t. Info: — The Flight Deal (@TheFlightDeal) May 20, 2015Continue Reading

Why I (Mostly) Ignore Daily Getaways (and Why I Put MOSTLY in Parentheses)

  I was asked by a reader why I’m not writing more about Daily Getaways and whether or not I can recommend anything besides the Alamo coupon (of which I did write, btw). Speaking of which (email writing), could you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ask your questions here on this blog in the comments? I’ll let youContinue Reading

Fare Mistake: $442-$482 Business Class to China!

  UPDATE: DEAD No, don’t pinch yourself. This fare (or should I say fare mistake?) is available for many dates, it seems at least till the end of May. I was unable to find anything even close to this fare in the summer. The flights are routed via ORD, but flights between Chicago and BeijingContinue Reading

Expedia Coupon Fiasco: Guess Who Won’t Own Up to Their Mistake!

Imagine this. You walk into an electronics store with a manufacturer’s coupon you’ve found on one of the numerous internet coupon sites. You buy the TV you’ve been eying for a long time, and the cashier rings up the purchase without a hitch. You are really happy that you’ve gotten a good deal on a good flatscreen. While you’reContinue Reading

Fare Mistakes and How to Get Them

  My yesterday post on fare mistakes might’ve made some folks think I don’t approve the practice. Nothing can be further from the truth. I absolutely love fare mistakes and have no moral qualms using most of them. I just don’t like to cross that proverbial line in the sand, you know. Fortunately, in mostContinue Reading

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