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The Updated List of Countries Where Vaccinated Americans Can Travel Without Restrictions


Major Update: December 14, 2021

The response to the new Omicron scare from Europe and most of the world has been remarkably mild (with an exception of the  bans imposed for several African countries), but if you’re heading to the UK or Belgium, you have to take an antigen test now. Not a huge hurdle, though.

UK adds 2-day pre-test (antigen is fine) and must book and prepay for a PCR test within 2 days of arrival and quarantine until you get the result.

Belgium now requires a pretest: 1-day Antigen for vaccinated Americans and you’ll need to test on the day of your arrival and stay in quarantine until you get the result, You’ll also have to test on day 7.

Antigua and Barbuda has reinstated the 3-day negative PCR requirement.

The tables below are updated with the latest information. 

Recent updates

British Virgin Islands has dropped the pre-test requirement for vaccinated travelers in favor of the $50.00 antigen test on arrival.

Ecuador now requires vaccination AND 3-day negative PCR test.

Peru, on the other hand, has ditched the 3-day negative PCR test requirement for fully vaccinated travelers (again).

Sint Maarten has dropped pre-test requirement for fully vaccinated travelers.

Ireland has added a pre-test requirement from December 3 — a 72-hr negative PCR or 48-hr antigen test is now required for vaccinated travelers.

Sweden used to ban most Americans, but not anymore! The government now allows entry to vaccinated Americans without a pretest. Note, however, that the U.S. embassy hasn’t updated their entry information regarding this policy change. The changes were announced on October 28, so they just need a little more time.

Ecuador has lifted the PCR-test requirement for vaccinated Americans visiting the Galapagos Islands (restored pre-test requirements).

Anguilla still requires a pre-authorization and pre-test, but it now allows a PCR or antigen test within 5 days of travel.

Curaçao has also revised its entry requirements. Now, you have a choice between a 48-hour PCR test and 24-hour antigen test. You’ll also need to take another antigen test on the third day of your stay.

Cuba is technically closed to most Americans anyway, but in terms of Covid, vaccinated Americans can enter the island without a pre-test from Nov 7.


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