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New Hawaiian Airlines 50000 Miles Credit Card Offer and Other Developments



Hawaiian title

The Hawaiian award chart is hard to call generous, but the new Barclay Card Hawaiian Airlines 50000 miles offer can help. It’s not as straightforward as just filling out the application, but it’s not targeted and open to general public.

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How to get Hawaiian Airlines 50000 miles

  1. Go to Hawaiianairlines.com and search for a revenue flight — any flight.
  2. Do not log in!
  3. Enter the flight and dates and click Continue.
  4. Fill out whatever they want, the name, email, phone number.
  5. Go through the motions until you get to the payment page.

Then tick Credit / Debit card as the payment method, and voila! The 50,000-mile offer will pop up. Again, make sure you’re not logged in.

Hawaiian Airlines 50000 Hawaiian 50K

Is it a good deal?

The Hawaiian chart is kind of stingy, but if you’ve gotten the previous Hawaiian Airlines 50000 miles offer from the business card, this is a good way to add some easy miles to your coffers. The only good use I was able to find after checking the Hawaiian award chart, was Virgin Atlantic in business for 125,000 per round trip. Meeting the $1,000 spending requirement is super-easy, and the best part is that Hawaiian miles can be transferred for free between the members. Push comes to shove, there is always Hilton that you can transfer to at 1:1.5 ratio if you don’t find anything better.

The AMEX SPG Business Card referral offer with the old “12-month” language is gone

Some time ago I added a link to the old AMEX SPG offer that didn’t have that new “once in a lifetime” language. I did the write-up on it, but was asked on Twitter to keep quiet about it, so the link would live longer. So I scrapped the post but kept the link. Well, I was doing the maintenance on  my Best Free Flights and Free Stays credit card pages today and noticed that the policy language had changed. Alas!

Hawaiian Airlines 50000 SPG

If anyone has another referral link with the old 12-month language, let me know and I’ll host it quietly without any fanfares.



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