My Annual State of the Credit Address Part 1 — The Whining

  Like many of you, I have been tossed aside. It’s devastating to be kicked to the curb after all these wonderful years. Chase and AMEX have decided they don’t need me anymore. That hurts. And Citi, too – although they left the door ajar just barely. OK, alright, now what? Now I want toContinue Reading

Buying Christmas Gifts? Hey, You Suck at Buying Gifts, And Everyone Hates You

  Every now and then I receive guest post requests from other blogs or websites. I almost never take them up on their offers. Not because I don’t like when someone’s doing my job for me (hey, what’s the name of my blog, again?). But the problem with guest posts is that most of themContinue Reading

Delta Fuel Surcharge Has Been Added to a Flight to the Caribbean

The New Delta Fuel Surcharge — No Rhyme or Reason I’m not an aviation expert. But there are some things I think I know. I know that all airlines add the same government taxes and fees to their tickets. I know that SkyMiles is the sneakiest and most deceitful major frequent flyer program in the U.S.Continue Reading

JetBlue Cuba Travel Award Bargains Update and New Hidden Tax

  In my Nov 29th post I told you about incredible award JetBlue Cuba travel bargains. Fidel Castro Is Dead! Now Guess Which Airline Offers 33X Value for Flights to Cuba Some bargains are gone, but others are still there. Probably not for long, so your flight sooner rather than later. New York to Havana forContinue Reading

ANA Frequent Flyer Program: the Best or Not the Best: Part 7 — Summing Up

This is my final ANA frequent flyer program post. Here are the previous installments: Which is the Best Frequent Flyer Program for U.S. Travelers, Part 1 ANA Award Availability — The Best FF Program for U.S. Travelers, Part 2 ANA Awards Booking, Etihad Apartment, Routing Rules, and More — The Best FF Program for U.S. Travelers,Continue Reading

ANA Round the World Award Ticket — Best FF Program for U.S. Travelers, Part 6

The ANA Round the World award flight above would cover 8 stopovers: Tokyo, Seoul, Peking, Istanbul, Vienna, Paris, New York, and Las Vegas. It would cost 75,000 in Economy, 115,000 in Business Class, and 180,000 in First. Here are the previous installments of my ANA series: Which is the Best Frequent Flyer Program for U.S. Travelers,Continue Reading

Fidel Castro Is Dead! Now Guess Which Airline Offers 33X Value for Flights to Cuba

Fidel Castro is dead A fiery revolutionary. A ruthless and cunning dictator. A gifted orator who put his nation on a meatless diet and convinced them that the only choice they had was socialism or death. A survivor of numerous assassination attempts, several U.S. presidents, his own cigars, and persistent rumors of his imminent deathContinue Reading

New Delta SkyMiles Devaluation to India

  My apologies for the radio silence. I’ve traveled to Hong Kong, Bangkok and Manila, flew on Cathay, Thai and Etihad, and stayed at Intercontinental, Hilton and Airbnb. The reports are coming, and I’m also coming with a major announcement. Just need to take care of some work first. Delta SkyMiles Devaluation: Strike Eight On SeptemberContinue Reading

Hilton Diamond+ and Proposed American Express Hilton Elite Card: My First Ever Conspiracy Theory

In case you, guys, are wondering where the hell I’ve been, I’ve been in Asia. Hong Kong, Bangkok, Manila. As in, was in Hang Kong, now in Bangkok and in a few days I’m going to Manila for TBEX – the Travel Blogger conference. Currently staying on the “wrong side” of the Chao Phraya River, inContinue Reading

SPG Marriott Merger and My Thoughts on Transfer Opportunities

  I’m between flights right now. Got back from the Fincon (Financial Bloggers) conference in San Diego on Sunday and already packing for my next Asia trip on Saturday (later about that). Maybe it’s not all that unusual for you, vagabonds, but I’m not one of you. I usually spread out my flights throughout theContinue Reading

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