You Can Stay at a Spectacular Conrad Koh Samui Villa for 63,000 Hilton Points



On Saturday, this piece from Loyalty Lobby caught my eye. They found rates for Conrad Koh Samui villas to be as low as $250 plus taxes and fees.

All Conrad Koh Samui villas feature private pools and breathtaking ocean views. Gold and Diamond members get an awesome free buffet breakfast, although I don’t know if Covid has in any way impacted these feasts.

Simply put, Conrad Koh Samui is one of the most aspirational resorts I’ve ever stayed it, and I loved every moment I spent there.

Here is my short review from many years ago.

Koh Samui: Conrad and Beyond

While I haven’t found $250 rates (cheapest prices don’t live long), I’ve stumbled upon something else instead. If you’re willing to go to Thailand before Dec 15, you can get this ocean-front suite with a private infinity pool for 63,000 Hilton points per night.

Here is the Conrad Koh Samui points redemption calendar for December 

Conrad Koh Samui villas usually sell for 95,000 Hilton points, but from now until Dec 22, it’s priced at 79,000 points.

Then, of course, as an Elite Hilton Honors member you have your 5th night free. It’s hard for me to imagine that not everyone is an elite Hilton Honor member in this day and age, considering that even a no-annual-fee AmEx Hilton Card gives away Silver status. And I honestly can’t imagine staying less than 5 days in this remote and secluded part of the world. I mean, you’re flying across the world after jumping through multiple “Koh Samui Plus Model” hoops (although things are likely to become more relaxed in October).

And this is the December cash calendar

Sorry, I can’t make the calendar show the price in U.S. dollars, so just divide by 33 to get an idea.

Of course, these prices don’t give the whole picture. The cheapest 9,025 THB equals $270, so they’re showing you advanced, non-refundable rates, which are a no-go even in better times (to me at least). The real lowest cancellable cash price would be $270 in our case.

That’s before taxes and fees, which add an additional 19% to the nightly price.

At the time of writing, 11,513.90 Thai Baht equals $344.39. In the meantime, if you stay for 5 days at 79,000 Hilton points per day your total redemption price will amount to 63,200 Hilton points per day. That’s 0.54 cents per point, which is a very respectable redemption for your utterly devalued Hilton points nowadays.

To recap

If you can make it to Koh Samui before Christmas, you can book a fantastic Conrad Koh Samui villa for a song — or, more precisely, for 63,200 Hilton points per night for 5 nights. Prices are going up after December 22, and will return to a normal 94,000 – 95,000 points in January and beyond.

Tempted, anyone?

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Yes, and its the rainy season now until Dec. 31st. You’ll only be able to use the pool for 1 hour intervals between downpours.

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