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I am not particularly good at sticking to weekly routines. I tend to write about things that I am interested in at a given moment. But I will try to make this weekly thing a permanent feature and see how it works.

These posts will not only round up new deals, but also the old ones that are still working. See, you can find a good deal and forget about it the next moment. Well, at least I can, so if that describes you, this section will also serve as an alarm clock to go for it before it’s too late.

One last thing. I always do the HT whenever I can. The problem is, that I don’t always remember where I have found one deal or another, so if I don’t–or if I HT someone who is not an original finder, please do not hold a grudge. Just send me an email or leave a comment and I will be happy to give credit to whomever the credit is due.

$250 for Opening a Personal Account at Astoria Bank (NYC only):


A while ago, I wrote about an awesome $250 bonus “when you open a new Simple+ or Select Account, maintain the required balance and either: receive direct deposits of $250 or more or make three online bill payments of at least $25, during three consecutive months.”  That deal expired, but they renewed it almost immediately. This one is good until Dec 31. It is exactly the same deal as before, so read my previous post here: Make Tomorrow Your Free Money Day.

$250 for Opening a Business Account at Capital One Bank (National)

Capital One

This was the easiest $250 I have ever gotten, All you need is to make one (yes, one!) online bill payment within 30 days. This is so good, it’s unreal! The original offer expired back in August, but they extended it until December 31.

  1. Deposit $5,000 and make one online bill payment within 30 days.
  2. Get $250 deposited into your account—yep, it’s that easy.

Read more about this offer here: Make Tomorrow Your Free Money Day

$10off$50 with AMEX (NYC only)


There are AMEX Sync $10 off $50 options that can be used with almost every AMEX card out there except prepaid (but Serve will work).  You can get up to $30 using three different cards. The list of retailers include Century 21, B&H Photo-Video, Cole Haan, H&M, and others. To register and for the full list of participating stores navigate to  NYCGO. If you don’t know what to buy, may I suggest a gift card? The deal is good until Nov 15.

$20 off $300 Visa Gift Card at Staples (tomorrow, 10.25, is the last day!)


Yes, it’s i-store only, and no, there is no $300 card at Staples. You will have to buy two cards, either $200 ($6.95 purchase fee) and $100 ($5.95 purchase fee) or 2 $200 cards. Use your Chase Ink card and sign up for Visa Saving Edge for the additional 1% CB (6% total). HT to Frequent Miler.

$5-$15 Free Sears Points  


This is a sweepstake, but you will get at least a $5 gift card. No purchase is necessary, and it took me less than 3 minutes to register answer their 3-4 questions survey and be done. There is a limit of 2 entries per account (!). In addition, this is what I received in my email:

Sears 2

That’s a 33% coupon in addition to the free gift card. Not too shabby, I’d say. Valid until Nov 1. HT to Doctor of Credit.


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