Best Travel Credit Card Offers 5/29-6/5



Travel Credit Card Offers 5/29-6/5

There have been a lot of new good travel credit card offers in the last couple of weeks. It would feel almost like 2010, if it weren’t for a few tiny little problems.

American Express:

Welcome bonus offer not available to applicants who have or have had this product.”


… offer not available if you have had a … Card account that was opened or closed in the past 24 months.”


This new cardmember bonus offer is not available to either current cardmembers of this consumer credit card, or previous cardmembers of this consumer credit card who received a new cardmember bonus for this consumer credit card within the last 24 months.

That’s not the kicker, though. Here is the kicker: the unofficial 5/24 rule which precludes you from applying for most Chase cards if you have applied for five or more credit cards within the last 24 months. As to which cards are affected and which are not there is a lot of conflicting information about it, so we can only go by other people experiences. Check this Flyertalk Wiki and thread and this Doctor of Credit post, and do read the readers comments for data points.

Anyhoo, my best credit cards pages are updated. Just go to these pages to find all updated links. I know, I know, I could’ve pasted all these links on this page, even more so that I don’t get paid a single penny one way or another, but… I don’t know, check the name of this blog one more time.

Best Credit Cards for Miles — Free Flights

Best Credit Cards for Points — Free Stays

And here are the goodies.

Travel Credit Card Offers — Free Flighs

  • Citi AAdvantage Executive now offers a 60K bonus after spending $5k in 3 months for the $450 annual fee. Includes access to Admiral Clubs and some oneworld lounges, Global Entry credit, and other benefits.
  • Chase United 50K bonus ($2K in 3mths).
  • Delta Personal and Bold Gold (50K) and Platinum (60K) bonuses plus statement credits after spending $2K in 3mths.
  • A better BoA Alaska 30K and $100 statement credit ($1K in 3mths).
  • There is  a new working Citi Thank You Premier 40K link ($3K in 3mths).

Travel Credit Card Offers — Free Stays

  • Two AMEX Hilton Surpass 100K and 85K bonuses ($3K in 3mths).
  • A better Citi HHonors Reserve card with 2 free nights and $100 credit ($2.5K in 4mths).
  • Marriott Biz 100K bonus ($5K in 3mths).

Better Travel Credit Card Offers 

You can get a Delta Gold card 50K bonus and receive a $100 credit instead of $50. In order to do that, just initiate a dummy booking on and you will see the following offer.

Best Travel Credit Card Offers Amex Delta Gold

After you check the 

Delta Gold Better 2

HT: US Credit Card Guide

In order to get the HHonors Reserve card with a $100 statement credit (the regular offer doesn’t have the credit), just do a dummy booking on The offer will appear right before the checkout.

Travel Credit Card Offers HHonor Reserve Better

When you click, you’re taken to this double promotion.

Travel Credit Card Offers HHonor Reserve Better 2

Ignore the 50K no-annual fee offer, since there is a better, 60K offer on my Free Stays page, but if you want the Citi HHonors Reserve card and if you are going to stay at Hilton within the next 6 months, grab it. You will need to spend $100 during your stay, but why not spend the money you’re going to get back? HT: MMS

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