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Today Only: Grab a Perfect Spirit Airlines Carry-On Wheeler and Earn 18 United Miles on a $!




Earlier today Frequent Miler posted about getting 18 United miles on a dollar at Ebags:

Today only (10/17/2014):  Earn up to 23 United miles per dollar through United MileagePlus Shopping Portal at eBags. This combines with another offer for $20 off.  Full details can be found at this Running with Miles post: Great Deal: Up to 23X United Miles and $20 Off at eBags.

I rarely shop via miles portals because I find it encourages me to buy stuff I can live without. But when I read this, I remembered that I actually did need something — a perfect wheeler that would comply with stringent Spirit regulations and yet allow me to pack stuff I need. So I went to eBags and found what I was looking for. Then I navigated to the Mileage Plus portal and was met with this additional offer. Enter EBAGS in the search field and don’t click on the icon, or you will be taken directly to the store.


Since I knew that the bag I wanted cost less than $100, I activated a 10% off coupon, rather than $20 off $100. Or you could buy something you don’t need for $20 more and “save” even more money. 🙂

I have been looking for a perfect Spirit carry-on (well, technically it’s a personal item since you have to pay for a carry-on) for a long time. Spirit’s dimensions are 16x14X12, and this bag is 15x14x8.5 (the depth doesn’t matter as it will stretch). Everything that I had been able to find was either smaller or bigger, or it would cost $200-300, which defeats the purpose of free travel in the first place. The most important thing with Spirit is to be able to fit the bag into that thingy at the gate (what’s it called again?) if you are told to do so. You don’t have to actually put it under the seat when you’re aboard, as long as you can find a space in an overhead compartment.

If you are scratching your head as to why on earth you would ever want to fly such a dreadful airline as Spirit, that means you haven’t read my award-winning Definitive Guide to Gaming Spirit. You owe it to yourself to add Spirit miles to your collection even if you (rightfully) don’t believe that my guide has won any awards.

Seriously, how can you say no to this?



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