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You Can Still Get the Alaska 30,000/$100 Card


I’ve been revamping my Best Credit Card Pages and noticed that the application for the Alaska 30,000/$100 card wasn’t working any longer. If you are finding yourself ready to apply (remember the BoA rules), this news can give you a pause. The $100 statement credit makes this card feel as if even after you deduct the $75 annual fee, Alaska is still paying you just to get this card. So the question is, should you apply for the 30,000-mile card sans the $100 statement credit or should you wait until the new Alaska 30,000/$100 link become available?

Neither! You can get the Alaska 30,000/$100 card application by a dummy booking.

Many travel programs reserve their best offers to entice customers who are making a purchase on their respective websites. In fact, the Alaska 30,000/$100 card application link has been extracted from the Alaska website. As FT sdsearch explains:

The $100 credit limit liniks occasionally expire and have to be replace with new ones. They originate from when you’re booking a flight on the Alaska website. You might try doing a dummy booking (just don’t confirm the last step where it takes your payment) and you should get such an offer somewhere along the way.

Until someone, well, “uncovers” the new link from the hidden image on the Alaska website, you can get your link in less than 5 minutes.

1. Go to Alaskaair.com and search for a paid flight. Any flight.

2. Continue as a guest.

Alaska 30,000/$100 3. Enter your personal information. I don’t think it matters if you enter fake information, but I didn’t.

Alaska 30,000/$100

4. You can safely skip selecting your seat.  🙂

Alaska 30,000/$100

5. When you get to this page, just scroll all the way down. Don’t fill out your payment information.

Alaska 30,000/$100

5. Voilà!Alaska 30,000/$100

It’s just like Al Capone would’ve said: you can get further with 30,000 miles and a $100 credit than you can with just 30,000 miles.

HT to: sdsearch

Photo By: Mighty Travels


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