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latest IHG PointBreaks

Here is the latest IHG PointBreaks hotels list that’s valid until Feb 28, and it’s relatively decent. It also continues the common trend that’s been familiar to us since IHG introduced its new, 3-tier PointBreaks format.

  • 5,000 points – nothing good
  • 10,000 points – some are so-so, some are OK, 1-2 Great Finds
  • 15,000 points – some are so-so, some are OK, 1-2 Great Finds

Just the fact that I started to review IHG PointBreaks hotels again after a very long sabbatical should tell you something. 🙂

My Methodology

  • I value IHG points at $0.05 – this is what you can buy them for with the current promotion
  • In general, the choices are poorer compared to the previous list
  • I don’t see any good domestic redemptions this time around (but it doesn’t mean you won’t)
  • Each “from” rate I’m quoting is the absolute bottom price I’ve found by doing a simple Google search – always check your own dates and taxes to compare apples to apples
  • Remember “fourth free night” if you have an IHG card

Notable 10,000 points IHG PointBreaks hotels ($50 a night)

Guadalajara, Mexico

Latest IHG PointBreaks

Holiday Inn Guadalajara Expo

São Paulo, Brazil




Latest IHG PointBreaks

InterContinental Medellin: 10,000 points per night

Panama City

Munich, Germany

Padua, Italy

Latest IHG PointBreaks

Crowne Plaza Padova 10,000 points per night

Vilnius, Lithuania

Liverpool, UK

London, UK

Notable 15,000 points IHG PointBreaks hotels ($75 a night)

Antwerp, Belgium

Latest IHG PointBreaks

Hotel Indigo Antwerp – City Centre: 15,000 points per night

Helsinki, Finland

Munich, Germany

Warsaw, Poland

Latest IHG PointBreaks

Hotel Indigo Warsaw: 15,000 points per night

Edinburgh, UK

Nairobi, Kenya

Latest IHG PointBreaks

InterContinental Nairobi: 15,000 points per night

Abu Dhabi, UAE

The Winner: InterContinental Phu Quoc Long Beach Resort(15,000 points, from $144)

InterContinental Phu Quoc Long Beach Resort is a brand new resort on Phu Quoc island that was opened in June 2018. Phu Quoc lies to the south of the coast of Cambodia. The area around the resort is being actively developed, but judging by the pictures and guests’ reviews, it seems like an amazing property!

Latest IHG PointBreaks

InterContinental Phu Quoc Long Beach Resort: 15,000 points per night

Latest IHG PointBreaks

Latest IHG PointBreaksThe Runner-Up: InterContinental Medellin (10,000 points, from $87)

This is the one I booked. Back in June I traveled to Cartagena and Bogota, and, having skipped Medellin, I felt something was missing. And the cheapest rate I can find for my dates in February is $130! Good timing IHG! 🙂

Latest IHG PointBreaks

InterContinental Medellin: 10,000 points per night

How to buy IHG points for $0.05 per point

IHG has a points sale until November 30. I almost never encourage people to buy points or miles, but this is not a bad deal if you can use them to redeem for IHG PointBreaks hotels. Apparently, this is a targeted offer, and some people receive less than a 100% bonus, but I believe it’s widely targeted. I receive it every time there is a sale. Once again, the current offer is valid until November 30, 2018.

Latest IHG PointBreaks

In my latest offer, the minimum amount to buy to arrive at $0.05 per point is actually 26,000 points, but YMMV

Bottom line:

Many of the hotels on the latest IHG PointBreaks list represent decent values, and there is one winner and one runner-up.

Inter Continental Phu Quoc Long Beach Resort is the newest IHG resort in Vietnam and is a steal for 15,000 points or $75 per night. And the resort looks fabulous if you can incorporate it into your travel plans. InterContinental Medellin is also a very good value for 10,000 points or $50. In any case, if you see something you might like on this list, book it now rather than later, because it might be gone by the time you get to it. Unfortunately some folks still book IHG PointBreaks for sport, killing inventory for others who could actually use it.


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