Price Mistake: Italy -> Singapore -> USA from $315!


First of all, HT to MyWonderlux. Thanks Jen!

Due to the latest price mistake from Alitalia, you can fly between Rome/Milan, Singapore and Los Angeles/New York for as little as $315 well into the June 2015, and it’s bookable on Orbitz. The next cheapest fare I found for this route was close to $1,000, so that is a price mistake, alright. Apparently, Alitalia forgot to add their [in]famous fuel surcharges yet again.

The cheapest flights I found are between Rome, Singapore and Los Angeles in March, May, and June. Flights originating in Milan or/and terminated in New York are a little more expensive. Please see the screenshots below.

I have also found some cheap flights in July. Use ITA Matrix software to find the best days and book on Orbitz.

Mistake fare FCO-SIN-LAX $315

Mistake fare FCO-SIN-LAX in Feb 2015

Mistake fare FCO-SIN-LAX may 338

Mistake Fare FCO-SIN-LAX in May 2015

Mistake fare FCO-SIN-JFK $379

Mistake fare FCO-SIN-JFK in Mar 2015

Mistake fare FCO-SIN-JFK $471

Mistake fare FCO-SIN-JFK in Feb 2015


Mistake fare FCO-SIN-LAX Orbitz

Mistake fare FCO-SIN-LAX: Book on Orbitz

Please don’t call or you will ruin it for everybody!


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Thanks for the shout out! Hopefully some of our readers made good use of this – it sure stuck around a while…

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