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My apologies for the radio silence. I’ve traveled to Hong Kong, Bangkok and Manila, flew on Cathay, Thai and Etihad, and stayed at Intercontinental, Hilton and Airbnb. The reports are coming, and I’m also coming with a major announcement. Just need to take care of some work first.

Delta SkyMiles Devaluation: Strike Eight

On September 5, I wrote this:  Delta SmyMiles Devaluation 2016: Book an Award Flight to India Before It’s Too Late.

Congrats to those who got on this, because it’s too late now. Delta has killed its last semi-sweet spot on its chart EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY. In the past, they would devalue without a notice, but on a certain date in the future. This time — the hell with the niceties! The increase to Indian subcontinent is immediate and the biggest yet — from 70,000 to 97,500 miles, a 40% jump!

Delta Skymiles devaluation

A One-Way flight Between New York and Delhi in Business Now Costs 97,500 miles — 40% increase!

All in all, this is the 8th Delta SkyMiles devaluation.

  • Australia/Pacific raises from 80K miles to 95K.
  • Asia from 70K to 80K.
  • Southern South America from 62,5K to 75K miles.
  • Africa from 70K to 80K.
  • South Africa from 80K to 95K miles.
  • Middle East (including Israel) from 70K to 85K (on 11/1, 2016).
  • Europe from 62.5K to 70K (on January 1, 2017)
  • Indian subcontinent from 70,000K to 97,500K (effective immediately).


Delta Suckiness Comparative Table

*Business Class Levels Only

Destinations American Airlines (/*oneworld) United Airlines (/*Star) Delta Airlines
Continental US 25






Alaska, Canada 25/30*


25 (30 to Alaska)


Hawaii  40






Mexico 25/27.5*






The Caribbean 25/27.5* C






Central America 25 (BEST)






Northern South America 30




Southern South America 57.5




75 (10.16) WORST
Europe 57.5




70 (01.17) WORST
Africa 75*




80 Africa (10.16)

95 South Africa (10.16) WORST

Indian Subcontinent/ Middle East/

South Asian Subcontinent & Middle East





70 India WORST

85 Middle East (11.16) WORST


South Pacific /Southwest Pacific 80*


Australia/New Zealand Oceania 95 (10.16) WORST


AA Zone 1 AA Zone 2 UANorth UASouth UAJapan DL Asia
60 70 70/80* 70/80* 65/75* 80 (10.16)

Delta SkyMiles has never been “user friendly,” but this MO makes me sad that airlines are given a free hand to screw their members whenever they feel like it. 8 devaluations in under a year — is quite ridiculous, and I’m strongly convinced that coach devaluation is coming. This greedy, greedy airline that’s already destroyed its long-haul business class levels, is not going to stop.

HT to VFTW and Point Me to the Plane


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