New Chase British Airways Credit Card Offer: Up to 100,000 Avios!




New Chase British Airways Credit Card Offer: Up to 100,000 Avios

So, I’m having fun, drinking artisan beer, eating awesome BBQ here in Charlotte, North Carolina when I stumbled upon an email from Award Wallet.

85,000 Plus Possible Points! Big Change to this Airline’s Card Offer!

For a limited time there’s a big change to the offer on one of the top airline travel cards. One-way flights start at 4,500 miles, so you can get over 20 flights through this offer! See our post for more details on the new offer, and how you can maximize these miles.

Award Wallet is slightly off, which does not diminish our gratitude for pointing our attention to this deal. You can’t get 85,000 Avios, but you can get either 50,000, 75,000, or 100,000 Avios if you spend either $10,000 or $20,000 within 1-year period.

The annual fee is not waived for the first year!

Award Travel is also off about a “big change”.  This offer is new, and the old 50,000 Avios offer is also available.

New Chase BA Up To 100,000-Avios Offer—annual fee is not waived

Old Chase BA 50,000-miles Offer–annual fee is not waived

Would I go for the 100,000-Avios Offer (even if I were eligible, and I’m not)? Probably not, but if I lived in one of those Manufactured Spenging disneyworlds, I would be tempted.


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Boris Minevich

Andy, we have pretty accomodating Westchester Mall in White Plains. I do not know if it is too far for you. There is WM next door to it too, also pretty friendly

Boris Minevich

You are welcome Andy.I guess Huntington Station does not require tolls for you but could be a long drive?! Guest Services seemed to be even friendlier than Westchester Mall and several WMs along the way to choose from, pretty accommodating as far as you do not have to show ID or debit card with your name to the cashier if you do 2 VGCs at a time and change the register for the next loads. No questions asked at neither Mall nor WM. Enjoy!!

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