New Changes (again) with Citibank American Airlines Cards


According to Flyertalk, it might no longer be possible to churn two personal AA cards in 8 days. This is a new development, so we’ll see what happens in the next few days. But, the rule for our hobby remains the same: you snooze you lose, folks. As always.

See changes in my Free Flights section

If you’ve been enjoying this hobby for a sensible period of time you already know that there is only one possible ending for the old adage if it’s too good to be true… and that’s  — grab it now before it’s gone.  

It appears we can still churn one personal and one business within 65 days, at least for now, but the main lesson for all of us is this: when you see a truly exceptional way of grabbing insane amount of miles and points quickly and easily, do not take your sweet time. Do it now while supply lasts.


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