New AMEX Delta 50,000-Mile Offer And $50 Statement Credit





AMEX has a new 50,000 Delta Gold SkyMiles offer valid until September 8, 2014. They also have a 50K offer for the Platinum card too, but that one will cost you $195 although with $100 credit and 15,000 MQMs if you are into this kind of things (I’m not). 🙂

Still, according to some reports, they treat the Gold and Platinum cards as different products, so  you should be able to receive 100,000 miles if you apply for both. Taking into account $150 in statement credits, you would only pay $45 for 100,000 miles. Sky Pesos or not, I will gladly pay $.045 per Delta mile.

In order to get your 50,000 miles, you only need to spend $1,000 in the first three months. Getting your $50 could be as easy as buying anything on Delta (it’s not entirely clear), or you could buy the cheapest refundable ticket you can find. This is all pretty straightforward so far.

What’s not straightforward is whether or not you get the 50,000-mile bonus if you’ve had the card before. In May, AMEX changed their T&C language for all their cards to limit the sign up bonus eligibility to the first-time ever for all their products. Theoretically it means that if you have had this product in the past (who hasn’t!), you can’t get the bonus again.

I’m using the word theoretically, because I don’t think it’s going to be the case. Or to paraphrase, I don’t think it’s always going to be the case. I remember back in the Spring, one AMEX CSR explained that the rule would be applied on a case to case basis. In other words, they might opt to deny the bonus to someone who they identify as an abuser, but I don’t believe that the new rule would be applied to everyone.

Another reason for my optimism is that their main competitor Chase has recently reversed their policy in that we are now eligible for the second sign up bonus 24 months after we received the first. Of course, many people in our community have known that this has been their unofficial policy for years,  but now, I think, it might be difficult for AMEX to strictly enforce their new rules. Well, there aren’t too many datapoints right now to make any definitive statements, so time will tell.

I have to admit, I’m really torn here, On one hand, I truly want to apply for both of these cards; on another, I keep screwing up my churning schedule. My last app-o-Rama was at the end of June, and then I applied for the Chase Ritz Carlton card just a week ago. If I apply for these two cards now, I might have to postpone my next app-o-Rama until Mid November. And of course, I have had both of these cards in the past, so, there’s still a risk of not getting the bonus, no matter how optimistic I might be. Decisions, decisions…

How about you? Are you getting the card(s), not getting the card(s), or waiting for more datapoints?


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