New (again) 100,000-mile offer: Citi and AA Up the Ante!


Just on Monday, I wrote about two new AAdvantage offers from the Citi Exectutive credit card, and now there is a new development. Citi is offering a publicly available 100,000-mile offer and $200-statement credit if you don’t mind spending $10,000 in three months and a $450 annual fee. And of course, it gives you and your family access to Admiral Clubs.

I do mind both conditions, so I’ll probably sit this one out. I really wish they stopped doing this nonsensical and ridiculous spend requirements. Who are they kidding? I understand they want to attract high rollers, but the only people they are attracting are our own bunch–the spend manufacturers. Since I personally don’t value club access at all, miles would be the only prize for me in this offer. And while “buying” 100,000 miles for mere $250 sounds like a terrific deal, rushing to manufacture $10,000 in NYC in 3 months, goes against everything I believe in (check the name of this blog, again 🙂 ). Pass.

Here is this offer in its entirety. And those of you guys who are not as lazy as I am Find the link in my Free Flights section:


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