My Best Credit Card Offers in the World Are Updated, and More


Nothing too excited. I removed old Citi AA links and replaced them with working ones–does anyone have any idea why they keep doing it? Added another BoA 75,000 Virgin Atlantic offer, which I, personally, am not going to use due to $12,000 spend. For some reason, I forgot to add Capital One Venture 40,000-point offer last time, so did it now. Other than that and cleaning up some dead links, same old, same old.

This site has the most extensive collection of the best credit card offers in the world (OK, in the US) now. No, I’m not full of it, try to find a good credit card sign up offer that’s not there–you won’t. Best of all (for you), I do not get paid any affiliate commissions if you click on these links, so you, folks, have got my undivided loyalty. So go ahead, browse forums, blogs, what have you, try to find a single good card I miss–I dare you! Alright, bragging’s over.


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Secret FB Group: Reminder

Those of you guys, who wanted to join my secret FB group, please don’t forget that you need two things. First to friend me on FB, and second to send me an email. It’s not enough to do one or another. I have other people who friend me on FB, who have nothing to do with the hobby.

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