Miles, Points, Credit Cards: 05.17-05.24 | Spark, Lufthansa, Spirit, Turkish, Aeroflot, and More


Let’s get right to the point. Here are some news on the subject matter that really matters. Love these silly puns.

What do we begin with? Miles, Points, or Credit Cards?

Credit Cards

The Barclaycard  Lufthansa Airlines 50,000-mile Offer is back, but it’s unclear for how long. I’ve seen suggestions that it’s going to be pulled tomorrow, so if you want it, better act quick. There is  $5,000 spend involved and the $69 annual fee isn’t waived. And they charge exorbitant fuel surcharges, too. I won’t touch Lufthansa metal with a 10foot pole, since I have no desire to encourage bad business practices.

That, or I’m just cheap.

Why might you want to apply for this card then? There are 1.5 reasons why. A United Airlines business class seat between the East and West Coasts goes for 17/18K points one way. And it’s a lie-flat seat. So I don’t know. I’ve scheduled my app-o-Rama sometime for the next week, and it’s long overdue, because I keep applying for random cards which makes me postpone the damn thing. I think I want this card, so I just might do it again.

Capital One Spark Business 50,000-point Offer is now public. I applied for it a couple app-o-Ramas ago, but it was targeted at a time. This offer is as simple as it gets. Spend $4,500 and get $500 back. Easy, and no annual fee. Win-win!

UPDATE: Folks from Capital One pointed out that Cap One has a $59 Annual Fee waived for the first year. Sorry

I have no idea why I’ve been dragging my feet trying to decide if the new Citi AT&T Access More Card is worth it. It is kind of worth it, I think. You get a new phone for up to $650 after spending $2,000 and a $95 annual fee. No, I really don’t care about a new phone, but I do care about selling it for cash. Should yield at least $500 after all expenses, no?

And then, there is this:

  • 3 ThankYou Points for every dollar you spend on purchases made online at retail and travel websites.

That’s awesome! I buy everything online (don’t go out much, you know).

The problem is, I’m about to apply for Citi Prestige and Citi Premier, so I’m maxing out on Citibank applications. Gee, maxing out on Citi, who could’ve thought…

Both increased Chase Ink Offers expire tomorrow on May 25th.

Chase Ink Cash 30,000-Point Offer

Chase Ink Plus 60,000-Point Offer 

Free Miles

Aside from my blog, I also write for a few other blogs and websites. One of them is Reward Expert where I write stuff about all kinds of things like using miles, credit card and program reviews, booking guides, and also miles promotions that I would not use myself, because, well, most of those opportunities want me to fly or stay at a hotel for real money, and I have strong reservations against that most of the time.

Every now and then, however, a promo would come along that gives you a few hundred miles here and a few hundred miles there just for being a good chap. So here are a few of these opportunities.

Aeroflot Bonus: Free 500 miles when you join 

Don’t try to follow this link mentioning the bonus because it won’t work. Follow this link here that doesn’t mention the bonus and you will get 500 miles instantly in your account. Just… I don’t know—trust me. Aeroflot is a member of SkyTeam, in case you’re curious. Expiration unknown.

Hong Kong Airlines: 400 Fortune Wings miles

300 miles when you join the program and additional 100 when you link the app—until June 30. You will get more if you actually fly the airline. Click hereExpiration unknown

Malaysia Airlines Free 1,000 Enrich Miles

1000 Enrich miles when you join the program. Quite generous if you ask me. OneWorld. Expiration unknown

Spirit Airlines Free 1,500 Free Spirit miles

You will get 1,500 miles when you complete 3 short, fun quizzes, in addition to 8,000 free miles that I wrote about eons ago and that still works! The cheapest one-way Spirit award redemption costs 10,000 miles if you don’t have a credit card and 2,500 miles, if you do. And I keep saying to you times and again, even though you keep giving me these virtual funny looks: Friends do not not let friends fly Spirit. Spirit miles are not useless. Spirit miles are not impossible to redeem.  Spirit miles plus a little cash equals the cheapest First Class seat in America. Jesus! You can’t seriously call yourself a travel hacker if you are shying away from hacking this easily gameable program. Expiration unknown

Turkish Airlines 2,000 Miles&Smiles Heroes Miles

Miles&Smiles Heros is a Turkish program for 2-12 year old kids. Now, granted, this is not a free offer, since you, well, your kid(s), will have to fly, but! If you do have a paid flight planned on any Star Alliance carrier with kids, there is no reason not to get extra 2,000 miles for your trouble. You… well, your kid(s), will get a bonus 1,000 miles after your flight and another 1,000 miles for joining the program. The fact that you can take any Star Alliance flight makes this promo viable, IMHO. Click hereExpiration unknown.

Are you in a habit of collecting air miles from random programs just because they’re free? Then you want to follow… no, not only Twitter, although that too, but a special MilePoint thread Daily Bonus Offers Highlight. These updates are posted by Frequent Flyer Bonuses, huge Kudos to them.

As to the Spirit promo, I think I found it first on the good Doctor’s site.

So what about points, you ask?

I don’t know. It’s late, and I’m tired. Take a raincheck?


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[…] Hat tip to Lazy Travelers […]

[…] Miles, Points, Credit Cards: 05.17-05.24 | Spark, Lufthansa, Spirit, Turkish, Aeroflot, and More […]

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