Increased Credit Card Sign Up Bonuses



There are several increased credit card sign up bonuses.

US Air

The Barclaycard US Airways credit card has increased the bonus from 40,000 to 50,000 miles. Note, however, that there is no mention of the 1-year anniversary 10,000-mile bonus anymore. So, it’s like they are giving it to you upfront rather than on the back-end. 50,000 miles is historically the highest bonus you can get from this card. Apply here:

Barclaycard US Airways Limited Time 50,000-Mile Offer

Update: Thanks to my reader Kumar, here is a Better 50,000-Mile Barclaycard Offer with a 10,000-Mile Anniversary Bonus (HT: Mile Nerd)


The American Express Hilton HHonors Surpass card bonus has increased from 60,000 to 80,000 points (found first on Doctor of Credit). DC believes that due to the last-year devaluation it’s not a big deal. I respectfully disagree. 80,000 HHonors points can be anything from 100 nights at a Cat. 1 Hilton to a night at a top Hilton hotel that would otherwise cost you close to $1,000. And besides, manufacturing HHonors points are so easy, even a caveman… OK, you’ve got the picture. Apply here:

The American Express Hilton HHonors Surpass Card 80,000-Point Offer


If you can find some desirable, yet low-point Whyndam properties in this very eclectic program, you could redeem up to eight Whyndam nights  Barclaycard Whyndam Rewards sign up bonus. The bonus has been increased from 30,000 to 45,000 points after meeting a $1,000 spending requirement.

Barclaycard Whyndam Rewards  45,000-Point Offer

You will likely receive a promotional offer from either Barclaycard after getting one or both of these cards if you don’t actively use them. The offer can be something like spend $500 a month for 3 months and get extra 15,000 miles (or points). So remember not to use your card beyond meeting the spending requirement.

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Hi Andy

How could you miss the offer that includes 10000 anniversary bonus miles for the US Airways card. When i clicked the link from mile nerd’s website, i do see the 10000 anniversary bonus. Please check. And you may want to correct your post accordingly.




I also got the increased 90k offer for Virgin Atlantic today through email. Link below.


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