Hyatt Devalues Too… Haven’t We All Had Enough!


Photos of Park Hyatt Paris - Vendome, Paris

After the epic United and sneaky Delta devaluations, Hyatt has become the lucky charm that declared a major devaluation of their loyalty program  in the last 10 days.

To be honest, Hyatt devaluation is not as dramatic as United’s and not as kick-in-the guts as Delta’s. It’s more balanced. They charge more points for each category starting with Category 5. In addition, 38 properties will go up in a category, while 17 will go down. Business as usual. The most upsetting part in the whole ordeal is the creation of a special Category 7 that includes guess what–all the hotels you’ve been dreaming to stay at: six Park Hyatt hotels in Milan, Paris, Sydney, Tokyo, Zurich, and Beaver Creek of all places.

Here is the chart before and after. And you can read more about this devaluation here

Hyatt Chart


So, you will have to pay 30,000 points instead of 22,000 to stay at Hyatt Paris Vendome, but guess what: even 22,000 points was a lot already. Yes, I know, that regular rates for that hotel go north of $900, and yes, I know that you could transfer your Chase Ultimate Rewards points into Hyatt at 1X1 ratio, but guess what: I also know that I can transfer 22,000 Chase UR points into $220. Plain and simple. It’s always on the back of my head when I read and hear about those terrific travel bargains. You know what else is always on the back of my head? That I can book a hotel in the center of Paris or Tokyo for 8,000 Choice Privileges points if I time my trip right. Of course, it won’t be Hyat Vendome, but hey, I’m a cheapscate. I know. There is no reason to shove it to my face.

Alright, tomorrow (whoops, today already) I will treat you to my masterpiece about the most recent Delta’s Coup d’Etat. Don’t miss it.

This photo of Park Hyatt Paris – Vendome is courtesy of TripAdvisor

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