How to Save on Shopping Plus Barclays Frontier Card

Potential Shopping Queen?

As you might know besides writing books I also write for other blogs and sites. I have been writing for Frugal Travel Guide for quite a while now, and I’ve also written for personal finance sites such as Be Frugal and Coupon Pal. Recently, I began writing for another excellent personal finance site Ultimate Coupons. Writing on personal finance topics is easy and natural to me because guess how we all get our free travel–from credit cards and by finding those unbeatable deals on the net, right?

For those of you who run their own blogs or have other writing needs, I could help. Please check my HIRE ME page for samples of my writing and shoot me an email.

Our way of travel is directly related to personal finance. Having good credit, not making credit card debt (which, in turn, means paying in full every month), being proactive in finding these credit card sign up bonuses rather than obediently putting up with whatever lousy offers they are happy to give us–that’s personal finance. Saving money on goods and services between and during our travel relates to personal finance too. Using just the right coupon, the right credit card to buy what we want is a smart way to go. While some folks have this arrogant attitude toward clipping coupons, you and I know better. The reason why we can afford better stuff and better style if you will, without making debt is that we ain’t scared to do some dirty work, LOL.

Here are the links to my recent posts for Ultimate Coupons first.

Playing the Plastic Game Part 1

Playing the Plastic Game Part 2

When you know which retailer you want to buy stuff from, it pays to buy a gift card on one of discount giftcard sites. The savings might be considerable, and you’re still eligible for additional shopping portal cashback. Of course, there is more to this game than meets the eye.

Plinking is a website that offers cashback for listing your favorite credit card and using it for purchases at your favorite retailers. That cashback in terms of giftcards comes BEYOND and ABOVE whatever other cashback you’re getting via portals, etc.

And here is my Saturday post for FTG.

Frontier as the Newest Ultra Low Cost Carrier—with a Credit Card Bonus to Boot 

Barclays has grown as a formidable contender to Chase/Citi/Amex monopoly on good credit cards, and Frontier Airline credit card has a lot of coming for it, too.

Have a great weekend, folks!

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