Great Delta Award Sale — from 5K miles OW



Delta Award Sale

Wasn’t going to post this late, then ran into this info. God damn it Twitter!

Per DoC, Delta is having a summer domestic economy award sale from 5K one-way for 8,000 routes. It is, however, not enough to have a sale, what’s more important is availability. So I checked some from New York, and it seems to be great, at least till the end of summer. A non-stop between JFK and New Orleans is 10,000 miles one way with great availability for three people in the summer and almost every day available in August. For once, the ad is not exaggerating!


Delta Award Sale: 10,000 miles JFK–MCO

Delta Award Sale Delta JFK-MSY 10K

Delta Award Sale: 10,000 miles MCO–JFK

Delta Award Sale Delta MSY-JFK 10K

Award rates for some other destinations are great, too. If you want to go to Charleston, Miami or FLL, it’s 7.5K OW; Chicago, Denver, or Tampa — 10K; Portland — 11,5K (well, it’s something). I didn’t find anything for 5.5K miles from JFK, even Boston and Washington are 7.5K, and all really long flights seem to be stuck at the regular 12.5K mark, such as transcons and Vegas. Orlando shows the regular 12.5K too, which seems like an anomaly to me considering the distance. Also, the deal seems to work only for the continental U.S. destinations. I tried San Juan and some Caribbean sweet spots with no luck at all. But hey, it is what it is. 7,500 miles between New York and Miami is as good as using Avios, and 10,000 to New Orleans is even better.

Delta Award Sale Delta JFK-MIA 7.5K

If you are planning any domestic travel in summer, you should check your city pairs pronto because — will it last? No! As I’m writing this (at 3AM on May 13), there is a lot of availability for at least two, sometimes three people most of the time, but you know how it always ends. With a heartache if you wait too long.


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Boris Minevich

Andy are you writing a post about YQs on ANA redemptions?

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