Good Stuff Weekly: Delta Credit Card 50000, Chase BA Avios, AMEX New Suite, etc.


Yes, I know today is not Sunday, but I’m still on the road. Moved into Hyatt Place in Doral after two days at Hilton Bentley in Miami South Beach. This free Hitlon Reserved weekend sure as hell comes in handy when you see numbers like these. The review is coming.


Hilton Bentley Miami Beach

Hilton Bentley Miami Beach Rates: WOW!

Why do I have to come up with excuses? Because, well, I was supposed to post about good stuff on Sunday, and I failed. Miserably. Blame this, not me.

Not my drink, but my size. You go ahead and try to write anything after gulping down this monster!

Not my drink. But my size. Now you know.

So what about them, good news? Well, let’s see.

The Chase British Airways Avios credit card “no annual fee for the first year” offer is extended until June 30. It has been extended a couple of times before, but if you want this card, I wouldn’t postpone indefinitely (and I didn’t: got one for myself, and one for the wife). BA Avios is a fantastic currency despite the recently announced devaluation if you use it the right way.

  • Short economy hops on partners
  • Short economy hops on BA.

Note, the keyword “short”. Do not give British Airways the opportunity to fleece you with Transatlantic or Transpacific fuel surcharge (AKA carrier imposed surcharge) Imposed sounds about right. And by the way, in some ways, there are some improvements (OffPeak discounts) that come with the devaluation, too. Read my recent post about that.

Avios Devaluation–for Real, This Time!

And here is The Link.

Walmart’s Bluebird Loads with prepaid gift cards seem to  work again — despite the rumors of the upcoming doom starting March 1. Of course, it doesn’t mean the doom isn’t coming — but we’ll take it one day at a time. FT Bluebird Thread.

American Express is making some positive changes for the Premier Rewards Gold Card starting June 1. The most welcoming change is that they are adding a $100 credit for an airline accidental fee. They are also raising the annual fee by $20, but it’s waived for the first year anyway, so who cares! You do? May I ask you why? HT to Doctor of Credit.

AMEX Delta Credit Card 50000 miles offer: According to Doctor of Credit, you will have to call in if you want this offer; there is no way around it. Do you want this offer? I think you do despite the way George from TBB feels about it, LOL.

Now, if you, like TBB, believe that Delta’s handling of its loyal flyers is shameful and downright disgusting,  you are not too far off. The Delta Skymiles program has a long and rich history of screwing its loyal customers, including, but not limited to, their crown achievement by date: removal of the award chart from their website.

But here is the thing…

Delta New York - Paris

Delta New York – Paris Saver Business Class Award Availability for FOUR!

And another thing:

Delta Seattle - Seoul Business Class

Delta Seattle – Seoul Business Class Saver Availability

And one more thing:

Delta Los Angeles - Sydney

Delta Los Angeles – Sydney Business Class Saver Availability for FOUR!

So, tell me, how many airlines do you know that would routinely give you a SAVER award availability for FOUR people in a PREMIUM class cabin? Anyone?

Want to check your own hub? See my detailed Delta hub analyses here: Delta SkyMiles 2015: Agonized, Tantalized and Analyzed — Part 2: hub by hub in Maps and Details

But if that’s a matter of principle for you, sure, don’t do business with Delta. I’ll understand. 🙂

American Express has added another benefit to Platinum and Centurion cardholders, although it would be only interesting to New Yorkers. AMEX Platinum cardholders will have access to the newly open Centurion Suite in the Barclays Center. The benefits seem to be identical to their Staples Center Centurion Suite. From the horse’s mouth:

  • The CenturionSM Suite by American Express

    The Centurion Suite by American Express, the perfect place to enhance your next visit to Barclays Center as a Platinum Card® or Centurion® Member.

    Benefits & Amenities:

    • Unique view of the event
    • High-top table and lounge seating
    • Premium food, and beverage, including a selection of finely crafted cocktails, beer, and wine available for purchase
    • Dedicated suite attendants
    • Flat screen TVs and complimentary Wi-Fi access
    • Phone charging stations

Access Policy:

The Centurion Suite at Barclays Center will be open for most sporting & entertainment events throughout the year, including Brooklyn Nets home games, concerts and family shows, and is available only to ticketed Platinum Card and Centurion Members.

So, no free food/booze, but the way I read it (which may or may not be correct), even the cheapest ticket will buy you access to the best seat in the house. Nice additional benefits, although, not a game changer, of course.

Have I missed something really good? Please do let me know.


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Magaly Chavez

I’ve bought your book and am I close follower of your website, good stuff!! I recently applied to the city advantage business card, I already have the personal card and thought having 100k miles would be nice. Unfortunately, I was declined for the business card on the grounds “The credit report shows this business is too new to evaluate” and of course it is because I do not own a business. I was wondering if there is anything I can do to change the decision??

Thank you,


I rarely comment on blogs, but this is terrible advice. If you really don’t have anything you can classify as a business, do NOT try reconsideration. Don’t lie for some miles, there are plenty of other ways to get enough miles.

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