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In case you haven’t noticed, I am an author of five travel-hacking bestselling books. There has been a development that you might find interesting. Yes, it’s a blatant self-promotion, but you must read this post. There is a good deal inside!

My very first book was The Lazy Traveler’s Handbook: Use Frequent Flyer Miles to Travel the World FOR FREE. I published it in the summer of 2012. Its cumbersome title was a result of reading too much into key-wording. I won’t make this mistake again.

While I don’t update this first edition anymore (hence the reduced price), almost everything that’s in it is as true today as it was 2 years ago. This book was an attempt to teach people not only how to get into the game, but also how to stay there when you’re in. While the app-o-Ramas described in my first book might not work any longer, anyone who visits my blog and can navigate to my current credit card lists has nothing to worry. I just rechecked it recently and was a little surprised myself that it is still relevant today.

Use Frequent Flyer Miles has received 26 reviews: 22: 5*, and 4: 4*. Most of these reviews are organic except that after the publication, I sent the book to a few other bloggers and asked them to review it. A couple did, but most didn’t. I have never asked anyone, including my readers to post glowing reviews—ever, and I never will!

Why am I saying that? Because I don’t want you to feel you have to buy my new edition if you don’t want to. While I did rewrite it heavily, you will do fine with my first book and my blog. So again, you don’t have to, but I really think you will benefit if you do. Read on and you will see why.

Here Is How You Can Support Me And Get Loads of Free Stuff at the Same Time

My blog is not monetized, but I think you already know that. I wrote a book because I felt I had something important to share, and I didn’t intend to be a blogger. I had not been a blogger before and didn’t see myself doing it on a permanent basis, but my blog has become something more to me and I hope to you too, than just a book companion. I have never had any affiliate links here, not even Uber (think I’m the only blogger who doesn’t “have” a Uber link). I had been planning on applying for the Barclaycard affiliate links—because I would’ve felt comfortable recommending some of their cards to my readers—up until the point when I read that they began pushing other bloggers into removing the content they didn’t like. I do not and will not allow advertisers dictate the content for my blog. At least, this is how I feel about it now, before they offer me a million bucks to change my mind. 🙂

Travel Free is the second edition of the same book. I published it in 2013 and rewrote it heavily for the 2014 edition, adding new app-o-Ramas, and some chapters that were not there in the first place. So far it has received 11 reviews, 8: 5* and 3: 4*, all organic. This edition is priced at $10, but to you it doesn’t have to cost anything. While I have never discounted my second book after the intro period, (sorry, but I put too much sweat, time, and research into writing it), you can now get it for free. I put Travel Free in Kindle Unlimited, which means you can download and read it for free if you are a member.

Yes, you can get my latest edition of my flagship book—and support my writing and my blog at the same time absolutely free!

What Is Kindle Unlimited?

Kindle Unlimited is like Netflix for books. You pay $9.99 a month, and you have access to 650,000 titles and over two thousand of corresponding Audible narrations (and you can switch seamlessly between reading and listening). In addition, you also receive 3 free months of the Audible service with access to over 150,000 titles.

But $9.99 Is Not Free!

No, it’s not, but Amazon offers a free 30-day trial for Kindle Unlimited. Which means, you can borrow my book (and others) and read all of them to your heart’s content. I do hope you will find my book a worthy read, because I don’t get paid if you don’t read over 10%. However, feel free to throw it away if you do get bored.

If you don’t want to continue, just cancel the membership before the first month is over, and you are done.

You can read a Kindle book on anything, be it a Kindle reader, an iPhone or Ipad, or Android or Windows device, or computer or laptop. If that is not enough, your purchase makes your eligible to receive a PDF or HTML file from me absolutely free! Take a look of what this book is about.

Here is the Travel Free Table of Content 

Preface  There Is Such a Thing as Free Lunch,


PART I 101

Chapter 1 Fine Print: Seven Reasons Why You Might

Not Want to Buy This Book

Chapter 2 But It’s All On the Net… Right?

Chapter 3 The Best Things Come with Poor Food Analogies

Chapter 4 Getting Motivated

Chapter 5 A Look over My Shoulder Unit 1

PART II What You Do and Don’t Know

About Frequent Travel Programs

Chapter 6  Airline Alliances

Chapter 7 Other Opportunities to Fly

Chapter 8 Hotel Loyalty Programs

A Look over My Shoulder Unit Two

PART III:  Credit Crunch: Crunchy on the Outside,

 Chewy on the Inside…

Chapter 9 But Having Too Many Credit Cards

Is Bad for My Overall Credit, Right?

Chapter 10 Never Go In Without Protection!

Chapter 11 Never Look at the Plastic the Same Way Again!

A Look Over My Shoulder Unit Three

Chapter 12 Organize Means Optimize

Chapter 13 Just Put Everything On It!

Chapter 14 Showtime!

A Look Over My Shoulder Unit Four

Chapter 15 How to Turn “No” into

“Congratulations, you’ve been approved.”

Chapter 16 Let’s Sum It Up

PART IV Aftershock

Chapter 17 Divvy up The Loot

Chapter 18 Will Spend Points for Shelter

Chapter 19 Is There Life Beyond Sign-up Bonuses?

Chapter 20 A Little Help, Perhaps?

Look Over My Shoulder Unit Five

Resources (Links)

Let’s Sum It Up

  1. Sign up for the Kindle Unlimited 30-day Free Trial with access to over 650,000 titles.
  2. Get my flagship book Travel Free (2014 edition) absolutely free.
  3. Check over 2,000 Audible books available for free with your membership.
  4. Get your free 3-month access to Audible.

All of that without taking a penny out of your pocket.

Sounds good to me, doesn’t it?



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Out of curiosity, is this book worthwhile for those of us who have been in this game for a few years and feel like we know a good amount or is it more for the new folks?

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