Free WSJ, 7,500 AAdvantage Miles, AMEX, and more


Upcoming Deal

Free 7,500 miles for Test Driving a Cadillac  HT to .


And according to the exchange following this tweet, you might not even have to drive.

According to Edmunds, the “program kicks off later this month at U.S. Cadillac dealerships”.

Upcoming Deal

AMEX Small Business Saturday This Year Is Going to Be AWESOME!!!


Why awesome? You will get $30 per card (3x$10) including Serve and BB(!!!), and authorized users are also eligible (on the cards issued by AMEX). With the number of AMEX accounts that I control< I could make $$$ with this deal; could  because I won’t; will be in Panama on November 29th. Aghhhhh! Here are the T&C.

Registration starts on November 16th.

Free 1-Year Subscription to Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and More. Very easy (no survey or credit cards). HT to remick @Fatwallet.


Free magazines don’t usually excite me, but I don’t remember when was the last time when I saw a free WSJ subscription. I’m almost positive this is the legit site because I remember using it a few years ago (when I had more time to read magazines, LOL). In any case, since it doesn’t ask for your credit card number, I don’t think there is anything to be wary of. Just use a throw-away email address in case it gets spammy.

40% off Uber ride with AMEX


Uber (and especially UberX) is an awesome option for (usually) cheap rides. I don’t really care about a “riding experience” beyond safety concerns, so it’s UberX for me. And I’m using the word usuallybecause here in Brooklyn, nothing is cheaper than car service, not even UberX.

But for other areas of the country, UberX is often not only convenient and efficient, but also very cheap. If you have never applied for the Uber account, I would appreciate if you could do it via this link. You and I will get one free ride worth of $30. Oh, and this is my first commercial link ever (except my books, of course). Uber Free Ride (up to $30)

Anyway, to get 40% off you will need a little trick described by Frequent Miler in his excellent post. Note that some people can’t see the link to buy gift cards from their Uber accounts. That has not been the case for me or any AMEX accounts.

That’s all for now, folks.



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Secret FB Group: Reminder

Those of you guys, who wanted to join my secret FB group, please don’t forget that you need two things. First to friend me on FB, and second to send me an email. It’s not enough to do one or another. I have other people who friend me on FB, who have nothing to do with the hobby.


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Smith is also a good site for free newspapers (like WSJ) and magazines. you get $20 for taking a quick survey every week and an additional $15 for ‘referring’ friends.

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