Free American Airlines Miles Promo Expires Tomorrow and More Freebies

1,000 Free American Airlines Miles for "Watching" a Few Videos

1,000 Free American Airlines Miles for “Watching” a Few Videos

If you haven’t gotten 1000 free American Airlines miles for watching 6 videos (hey, that’s at least free $20 for 2 minutes of your time), then get them now before the offer expires tomorrow, by 12PM CT.

By the way, did I just say “watching”? Didn’t mean that. Just scroll each of these videos to the end, answer 6 funny questions, and be done with it. Seriously, will take you 2 minutes tops.


1,000 FREE American Airlines Miles. Grab Me!

Other Free Miles/Points Still Working.

In my post on 5/29, I wrote about Aeroflot 500 miles offer for signing up. Apparently, there is a better 1,000-mile offer per Frequent Flyer Bonus whereas when you go through this link, you will get 1,000 miles. Note that you can’t book an award flight on Aeroflot if you haven’t bought one from them in the last 24 months.

This is another interesting Aeroflot promo. Write hotel reviews on a Russian site of Trip Advisor and get up to 2,250 per review (1,500 miles plus 750 miles for photo). Reviews don’t have to be Aeroflot-related. And sure, the Russian Trip Advisor site is in Russian, but Aeroflot doesn’t require you to write in Russian. 🙂

Just to be clear: the 750 extra miles per photo is valid until July 31, but the promo itself is ongoing.


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