Free 500 Lufthansa Miles to Sign Up for a Newsletter



LH Miles and More Free 500 Miles  Promo

LH Miles and More Free 500 Miles Promo

I was doing some Lufthansa Miles and More program research yesterday for another gig and stumbled upon this: 500 Lufthansa miles for signing up for the newsletter

Switch to online.

It’s easy to register – the Miles & More Online Newsletter offers you many benefits:

  • Up-to-date account balance
    Like a bank statement, you can retrieve your present account balance with details of all account movements directly on your PC
  • More offers for earning and spending miles
    You will hear about even more opportunities to boost your mileage account so that you can get the award you want.
  • Up-to-the-minute
    You will receive the Miles & More Online Newsletter every month by e-mail.
  • Reading on the move
    The Miles & More online newsletter is available in an optimized version which can be read on mobile devices such as smartphones and pocket PCs.
  • 500 award miles
    Your welcome present for registering for the first time.

Earn 500 award miles when you order your personal Miles & More Online Newsletter free of charge.

The link

OK, so 500 miles will not get you far (or anywhere at all), but there are those of you who have gotten on the previous Barclays 50,000-mile bonus offers. And there are those of you (like me) who will get on this offer next time it’s around. So grab these 500 miles. They are free, and it’ll take less than 5 minutes of your life. Need I say more?

Lufthansa says you will receive it within a week, but I got them in a few hours.

Free 500 Lufthansa Miles : Speedy Delivery

Free 500 Lufthansa Miles : Speedy Delivery

You must have the Lufthansa Miles and More number before you sign up for the offer. If you are not a member, register here.


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Same instructions with pictures


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