Flying to Hamburg and Iceland Tomorrow




A few months ago, in the midst of the Club Carlson world crisis, I decided I’d been postponing visiting Iceland for way too long. Since Delta was the only airline to get me there nonstop, I started looking, then kept looking and couldn’t find two simple awards to get there for 4 days (didn’t really want business class since the flight is just about 6 hours). Then I decided what the hell—non-stop flights are for suckers and decided to try and squeeze another destination into my itinerary. And I did. Hamburg is a beautiful city (from what I heard) and it has this fantastic thingy called Miniature Wunderland. And I couldn’t get a non-stop flight to Iceland for the days I wanted anyway, so…

Hamburg, Germany--Old Warehouse

Hamburg, Germany–Old Warehouse

And then I decided that a flight to London did warrant a business class seat, and since Delta doesn’t let you mix classes, the new hedonistic trip was born.

  • JFK-LHR on VS
  • LHR-HAM via AMS on KL
  • HAM-KEF via CPH and OSL on SK (separate reservation, economy)
  • KEF-JFK on DL

Damage: 125,000 DL miles, 15,000 UA miles

I could fly between HAM and KEF on AB for 10,000 AA miles and with 1 layover, but that would be a late evening flight, and I would miss the whole day in Iceland. My SK flight, on the other hand will take me to KEF by 11AM. This will work better for me, I think.

Still on the fence about renting the car. Should I rent a car or book tours? Renting a car would be a little cheaper—but not that much cheaper—and there are advantages about meeting other people and letting professional guides tell you stuff.

I will try and post while on the road.

Tips, anyone?


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