Flying to Panama After AMEX Small Business Saturday Blitz


This was the best AMEX Small Business Saturday ever, wasn’t it? Or for those of you who aren’t done yet–isn’t it?

Managed to swipe six cards at a local supermarket. The only card that wouldn’t work for me was the Bluebird, and I have no idea why. It did work initially, but then I realized I’d grouped too many items and asked the cashier to cancel. She did, but when I tried to repeat the transaction, it got declined. Tried again–same result. Weird! Didn’t have the time to call and figure out why, so decided to cut my losses and get back home to finish my packing.

The reason I had to finish packing is my 3:05 flight to Panama. My aunt’s husband kindly agreed to take us to the airport, but he has a busy day, so I had to be ready by 11:30. It wasn’t easy, but I persevered. 🙂 There is no way I could leave this kind of dough on the table.

The result of my 1-hour endeavour this morning was $180 in free food. A very young cashier worked with me cheerfully and diligently for almost an hour. After I explained what it was that I was doing, she even offered her suggestions on how to group the items to maximize my savings. What a trooper! And then she refused to take a tip from me!

What the hell? We ain’t no Japan! That’s fine, though. She’s young, she will learn. 🙂

For the record, no, I had not created any funny “authorized users”, so I understand those of you folks, who will just scoff at my modest results. Go ahead, scoff. I’m fine with this. 🙂

My plane is leaving in about 30 minutes. Sitting in the United lounge at EWR, drinking coffee. Their only coffee/cappuccino machine is working again after a half/hour “strike”, so life is good

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