Fantastic LAN South America Sale in Business Premium out of Miami!


First, a disclosure: as someone who enjoys flying for free, I am not necessarily going to jump on this one, but if free is not an option, then this is the next best thing. If you live (or can easily get to) Miami, you could book the following ROUND TRIP fares to the Carribean and South America:

Miami – Punta Cana Premium Business: from $499

Miami – Quito Premium Business (a gateway to Galapogos): from $699

Miami – Guayaquil Premium Business (a gateway to Galapogos): from $699

Miami – Bogota Premium Business: from $699

Miami – Caracas Premium Business: from $899

Miami – Lima Premium Business: from $1,299

LAN Business Premium is an exceptional class of service with fully flat beds and gourmet dining with vintage wines, and now you can have it for the price of Economy. Quite honestly, I don’t remember the last time their fares were this low. Even though their sale lasts until Feb 25th, I would make sure to book it as soon as you can for a better availability. They also have  Santiago de Chile  for $2,199, but this fare while isn’t bad is not truly exceptional.






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