Fandango Promo Code — Unlimited Movies $10 Off with Visa Checkout


First of all, this Visa Checkout offer has nothing to do with the Fandango discount from Visa Signature. The Visa Checkout Fandango Promo code works like this.

Every Saturday and Sunday until Sept 6 2015, you can buy a movie ticket at Fandango with a $10 off discount when you pay via Visa Checkout. This has nothing to do with Visa Signature, which is a completely different benefit.

Why is this offer is great? Because you are not limited to weekends. You can buy your tickets for any day of the week as long as the purchase is completed on the weekend. And you can apply the discount for as many tickets as you want, although it requires a couple minutes of extra work.

Your multiple discounts will work with the same Visa Checkout account as long as you use different emails.

The Fandango website can be a little fussy at times—for me it won’t work in Chrome but it does work in Incognito, so here is how you can use it to minimize trials and errors.

1. Click on this link, then click Buy Tickets

$10 Off Fandango Promo Code

$10 Off Fandango Promo Code

2.  Search by a movie or a theater in your area. I prefer searching by a theater, since the discount doesn’t work for all theatres.

$10 Off Fandango Promo Code

$10 Off Fandango Promo Code

3. Pick the day, the movie and the showtime

$10 Off Fandango Promo Code

$10 Off Fandango Promo Code

4. Important: if you are buying 2+ tickets, check out as a guest and be ready to use a different email address for every ticket. Enter the code VISACHECKOUT10 in the Use Promo Code field and click Apply.

$10 Off Fandango Promo Code

$10 Off Fandango Promo Code

5. Important: Write down the email addresses you’ve already used to avoid using them in the future.

6. You will be taken to the Visa Checkout website. If you don’t have a Visa Checkout account, open it, if you do, just log in. Once again, you can use the same Visa Checkout  account for multiple purchases.

7. Click Complete Your Purchase.

$10 Off Fandango Promo Code

$10 Off Fandango Promo Code

8. Choose whether you want to send your ticket to the phone or print it out.

$10 Off Fandango Promo Code

$10 Off Fandango Promo Code

7. Important: If you want more tickets, start the same process in a different browser. I don’t think you really need a private browser, however, for some reason, Fandango doesn’t work in Chrome for me, but works perfectly well in Incognito. So I buy tickets in IE and Chrome Incognito.

8. Repeat steps 1-8.

Is There a Way to Get Rid of the $1-2 “Convenience Fee” 

This huge SD thread suggests that there is a way, as long as you are a member of AMC Stubs. Since I’m a very infrequent moviegoer, I’ d rather pay the fee.

How Is This Deal Different from the Visa Signature Deal?

Completely different. Visa Signature holders can get one movie ticket for free when they buy two or more tickets on Friday for a Friday show. The Visa Signature deal expires on August 21, and it’s limited to one card in 30 days (although, I’m pretty sure this won’t be a problem for most of us). The Visa Checkout deal is much more liberal as it allows you to buy tickets for any days of the week, as long as you buy it on the weekend.

Can I Combine the Visa Signature and Visa Checkout Offers?

That would be wonderful, wouldn’t it? But no! Go to the Visa Signature Fandango page for terms and conditions.


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