UPDATED! New Delta Award Sale: Europe in Premium Select and Economy (Mostly Paris or Amsterdam) From 35,000 and 62,000 Miles per ROUND TRIP!


This Delta Award Sale to Europe is focusing on a Premium Select cabin, although deals in Economy are available too. The savings are real, and the price is really good. I’ve never flown Premium Select, but reviews tend to be glowing, and some compare it favorably to domestic First Class. With 68,000 SkyMiles you would pay only 8,000 miles above regular economy, and that’s one heck of an upgrade!

UPDATE 7.1.19 Premium Select 68,000-miles deals are gone, but cheap transatlantic in Economy is still going strong. I’ve checked some redemptions. There are also a few still reduced (if you can all them that) options in Premium Select.

  • ATL-CDG: From 80,000 in August in Premium Select
  • MSP-CDG Ditto
  • JFK-CDG: From 37,000 (Economy) 
  • SEA-LHR: From 36,000 (Economy)

Tweak the dates and check for more deals.

Delta Premium Select promo — the details

The deal “officially” ends tonight, but based on my prior research, it might linger for some time after that, which is why I decided to post about it on such short notice. No guaranties, though. 🙂

Most if not all Premium Select flights available with this promo are to Paris and Amsterdam. I’ve tried to find other Premium Select options to no avail.

New Delta Award Sale Europe

  • Book by June 29, 11:59 EDT
  • Fly between August 1 and October 31

Here is the direct link.

Delta Award Sale to Europe availability in Premium Select

Delta ain’t lying. Here is New York to Paris in August.

New Delta Award Sale Europe

Excellent value! 62,000 to 68,000 for a round trip to Paris in Premium Select

By the way, New York is the only city where I’ve found a 62,000-mile award, which is below the advertised price, and it has even more of those in September (at the time of writing).

And this is Atlanta to Amsterdam. My goodness, can you believe that? Atlanta is a captive hub; it almost never gets  love from Delta!

New Delta Award Sale Europe

Atlanta to Paris: almost every day is available

Meanwhile, Minneapolis to Paris has excellent availability too.

Excellent availability from Minneapolis to Paris …

New Delta Award Sale Europe

… and good to Amsterdam

Availability from Seattle in August was uninspiring when I lurked, but it’s more decent in September.

New Delta Award Sale Europe

Decent Premium Select availability from Seattle in September

Unannounced Delta Award Sale to Europe for the main cabin

If you’re OK with Economy, you can save big, too, and that “sale” goes beyond just Paris or Amsterdam.

Here is New York to Paris in coach starting at 36,000 SkyMiles. Remember, all these rates are per round trip.

Good savings in Economy, too: 36,000-38,000 from New York to Paris

And this is Seattle to London starting at 35,000 SkyMiles.

New Delta Award Sale Europe

And from Seattle to London: 35,000-38,000

London is available at a vastly reduced rate, which makes me believe you can find more. So don’t hesitate to look for more destinations if you aren’t interested in either Paris or Amsterdam.

To recap 

Between August and October, you can fly to Paris or Amsterdam in the well-reviewed Premium Select class for only 68,000 SkyMiles. You can also fly to other European cities (I’ve found London, but there are probably more) for 35,000-38,000 SkyMiles in Economy. Judging by most of Delta’s previous sales, this one might keep going and going beyond tonight’s expiration date but if I were interested, I would book sooner rather than later.



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