Delta Award Sale to the Caribbean and Central America: From 12,000 Miles Roundtrip




Delta Award Sale

Delta is having another one of its flash sales starting at 16,000 miles per roundtrip, this time to the Caribbean and Central America (found at DoC). I found one city-pair for 12,000 miles, and there might be others.

The Link

The list above is only partial; here are all eligible destinations: ANU, AUA, BDA, BON, ELH, FPO, GCM, GGT, GND, KIN, MBJ, NAS, PLS, PUJ, SJU, SKB, STT, STX, SXM, UVF) or Central America (BZE, GUA, MGA, PTY, RTB, SAL, SAP, TGU).

A round-trip purchase required. You must buy a ticket by 11:59pm ET, January 10, 2018 at for travelling between April 8 and June 1.

I played a little bit with the pricing. Not because I need anything but just… ’cause. There are quite a few semi-bargains you can find a place you want to go to.

Bermuda is the best value of the Delta award sale

The absolute winner of this Delta award sale, IMHO is Boston or New York to Bermuda. JFK to BDA goes for 19,000 and BOS to BDA for 12,000 miles round-trip. The latter is an absolute bargain. The flights to Bermuda are short but expensive, and May is actually one of the best times to visit the island. It’s not crowded and not too hot yet, but the ocean is already warm and the sand is as pink as ever. I’m tempted but… can’t.

Delta Award Sale

Bermuda should be a delight in May

As expected, the Delta Award Sale still leaves its captive customers in Atlanta the shorter end of the stick, but it’s still better than regular rates. A round-trip flight between Atlanta and Bermuda will cost you 28,000 miles.

More Values

The next good deal is Turks and Caicos. Reportedly, the island has mostly cleaned house after the hurricane and is ready to take your money again. Here are the award prices:

  • JFK to PLS 20,000 (very limited availability)
  • BOS to PLS 18,000
  • ATL to PLS 28,000

From New York to Nassau and Punta Cana:

  • JFK to NAS 23,000
  • JFK to PUJ 25,000

Flights to Belize, Panama City and Managua cost the same from Atlanta and New York (via Atlanta)

  • JFK (or ATL) to BZE 28,000
  • JFK (or ATL) to MGA 28,000
  • JFK (or ATL) to PTY 28,000

Jamaica is more expensive. From Atlanta or Boston (via Atlanta) it’s 35,000 miles, but from New York it’s “only” 34,000. That’s no bargain, of course, because 35,000 miles is a regular rate between the U.S. and the Caribbean or Central America, from the chart that Delta pretends not to have anymore.

Once again, all rates are roundtrip.

Check them out and see if this Delta Award Sale is going to work for you, but hurry — not only because the sale ends on 01.10, but also for a better choice to get the dates you need.



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I found flights to PTY for 22,000 but, not over the weekend (Th or Fr-Monday) which is when I like to travel. Also, the discounted options have very long layovers in ATL. AA is 15k one way to Central America with decent availability.

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