UPDATE: Fly to Europe for 34,000 Delta Miles Roundtrip



Days of Deals Summer Edition

UPDATE: 7/21

I checked the same flights and same dates today, and I now fully concur with asthejoeflies — these Delta bargains might have nothing or little to do with the recent promo. While some routes are slightly more expensive today, other routes are priced even better!

Here are the results.

  • New York to Paris was 36,000 miles per round trip — today it’s 40,000.
  • New York to Brussels was 34,000 miles — today it’s 36,000.
  • Boston to Amsterdam was 42,000-46,000 miles — same now, with 46,000 miles for nonstop flights.
  • Los Angeles to London was 42,000 miles — now it’s 36,000 miles, and flights are available almost every day in September!

As to Delta Business Class levels, they seem to be every bit as insane as they have been lately (300,000-400,000), so no surprise there.

But the Economy rates are fantastic — especially the ones between LA and London.

So don’t write SkyPesos off — yet!


Delta is running a promo called Days of Deals — Summer Edition. You must book by 11:59 pm ET today, 07.19 and travel between 09.16 and 10.27. Unfortunately, no business class deals here — Main Cabin only, but some rates Delta’s offering are phenomenal.

You can fly from New York to Paris for 36,000 miles per ROUNDTRIP! The regular redemption rate (if Delta had an award chart) would be 60,000. That’s 40% off!

Days of Deals Summer Edition

Or fly to Brussels for 34,000.

Days of Deals Summer Edition

New York seems to have better deals than others, but it’s not the only one. Boston to Amsterdam is 42,000-46,000 miles.

Days of Deals Summer Edition

Here is Los Angeles to London — also for 42,000 miles.

Days of Deals Summer Edition

You can also find flights to Europe for 42,000 miles from Atlanta and Indianapolis, but some cities fare much worse. I didn’t find anything good from Minneapolis or Detroit, although I haven’t searched extensively.

Delta also has deals for other parts of the world — Asia, Australia and Latin America.

There are some restrictions, too.

Award Availability |Promotional fares are not available on the following dates:
US to Australia: October 10 – 14, 2018
Los Angeles, CA (LAX) to Sydney, Australia (SYD): October 16 – 19, 2018
Atlanta, GA (ATL) to Madrid, Spain (MAD): September 17 – 24, 2018;
September 26, 2018 – October 1, 2018; October 11 – 2018
Madrid, Spain (MAD) to Atlanta, GA (ATL): September 28 – October 16, 2018

Again, you must book today if you’re interested!

UPDATE: asthejoeflies believes these prices might not be due to the promo. I’m going to check tomorrow.

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