Good Stuff Weekly: Daily Getaways 2015 Are Finally Here — Day 1: Alamo $25 off $50 | Free Miles | Staples $20 Giftcard




Daily Getaways: Day One Alamo $25 off $50

Daily Getaways: Day One Alamo $25 off $50

Not much on the goodness front. Just a few tidbits.

So the Daily Getaways 2015 has finally arrived. Tomorrow is the first day when you can take advantage of what I think is their best offer (I know, many folks will disagree, but they have their own blogs 🙂 ). I’ll let you and your conscience decide whether or not you want to tell your friends…

Here is my take on it.

Daily Getaways: Day One Alamo $25 off $50

Alamo Certificate: $25 off $50: Awesome!

Daily Getaways: Day One Alamo $25 off $50

Daily Getaways: Day One Alamo $25 off $50

This deal will become available tomorrow, March 23rd, at 1PM Eastern. There are only 2000 certificates available, and each person can buy three certificates, so do the math. If you actually use the Alert Me button, you completely deserve your fate. Instead of their alert, set your alarm at 12:50 PM and be ready to start harassing their website five minutes prior to 1PM. Unless you have an automated software of some kind, you might have to refresh over and over again, hoping you beat at least some of the thousands of other schmucks who will try to get on the same deal with several computers, tablets, cell phones, and identities.

Why is it so good?

There are no strings attached, except two.

  • The offer is only valid at participating locations in the United States.
  • You can’t use it in conjunction with other codes or discounts.

Will your credit card rental insurance cover this rental?

It appears so. I called the Chase Ritz Carlton card — as long as the certificate and the rental fee are paid with the same card, it’s gonna be good. You might still want to call or secure message your credit card to be sure, though.

 Full T&C

  • Offer valid on the rental of any size car, subject to availability.
  • Taxes and other surcharges are paid separately.
  • Offer valid for rentals at participating locations in the United States.
  • Certificate amount will be applied to total base rate for the entire rental period, and may not be applied to taxes, other government-authorized or imposed surcharges, license recoupment/air tax recovery and concession recoupment fees, airport and airport facility fees, fuel, additional driver fee, one (1)-way rental charge, or optional items, which are the responsibility of the renter.
  • Must meet standard rental qualifications. You might have to pay extra if you are a driver under the age of 25.
  • Check your auto policy and/or credit card agreement for rental vehicle coverage.
  • Offer is subject to standard rental conditions.
  • Twenty-four (24)-hour advance reservation required.
  • Certificate not valid with any other discount, offer, or promotional rate, except you may combine up to three (3) separate certificates per single rental.
  • When using more than one (1) certificate, reservations must be made by calling 1-866-626-9102.
  • Any unused portion of the certificate will be forfeited, and no residual credit or refunds will be issued if the certificate is not fully used.
  • Certificate is not exchangeable, refundable, transferable, or redeemable for cash.
  • Void if damaged, defaced, reproduced, bought, bartered, or sold for cash. Cash value 1/100cents.
  • Void where prohibited.

Free 1,000 Copa Miles

Copa Airlines Free 1,000 Miles

Copa Airlines Free 1,000 Miles

Copa Airlines Free 1,000 Miles

Copa Airlines is relaunching their frequent mile program under a new name ConnectMiles. While ConnectMiles starts in July, they will give you 1,000 miles if you subscribe between now and April 30th. 

Hey, I’d rather they revamped their fleet instead of the loyalty program, because their seats are a disgrace for every airline flying outside of the US. What do they think they are — United?

On the other hand, free miles are free miles. I even got 500 free Lufthansa miles a couple months ago for no reason other than because I could. Whether I need them or not (not!) I’m not throwing them back. 

You will get your bonus 1,000 miles 4-6 weeks after the program launches in July.

By $300 in Master Cards at Staples, get a $20 Gift Card

Staples $20 Gift Card Rebate

Staples $20 Gift Card Rebate

Yes, I know, loading Master Cards at Walmart sucks, but they still work. Mostly.

The best way to go would be buying a $200 gift card and a $100 gift card with a Chase Ink card. With $6.95 and $5.95 fees respectively, you’ll still  be $7 and 1,500 UR points richer. Scaling? Who said anything about scaling?

Valid by 3/28. HT to Doctor of Credit.


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