Credit Cards Round Up — New Offers


First of all, I have updated my Best Credit Cards for… sections. Take a gander and see for yourself what you have been missing.

The credit card links listed in these sections do not earn affiliate commissions, and they truly represent the best value you’ll be able to find anywhere! 

Best Credit Cards for Free Flights

Best Credit Cards for Free Stays

It has been a while since there have been new decent credit card bonuses. Now, there are two cards offers that are good enough for me to set aside for my next app-o-Rama (maxed out on Chase ink cards, unfortunately). One of them is completely new, and two others are the reincarnations of the offers long dead.

New: Wells Fargo Propel American Express Card 

Wells Fargo Propel

If this is not Barclaycard Arrival killer… well, then it comes damn close. Among major benefits, you get a 40,000-point bonus after spending $3,000 within first three months and up to $100 annual reimbursement credit toward “incidental” airline fees. Weirdly enough, even though the T&C state this…

For airline ticket redemptions, the number of Points required to be redeemed is equivalent to the ticket costs divided by .01, rounded up to the nearest whole Point.

some Flyertalk folks have found that you can redeem points for airfare up to 1:1.5. If that remains to be true, then the value of this card offer is exceptional, but even if it doesn’t, it is still great. Now, the bad thing is that unlike Barclaycard Arrival, the $175 annual fee — although waived for the first year — is too high to make this card a keeper. However, getting it for the first year is a no-brainer IMHO. HT to Nick from PFDIGEST.

Barclaycard Lufthansa Miles and More 50,000-Mile Offer Is Back

Lufthansa Offer

You need  to meet $5,000 spend in three month, but this bonus is worth it! Not for Lufthansa, mind you, but for using on United domestic and Latin America flights. Do not fly Lufthansa or any other airline that levies draconian fuel surcharges. I don’t get it why so many folks are lining up to dole out huge bucks to book a “free” flight on Lufthansa. Even if you are in love with their premium-class product, that’s nothing short but endorsing bad business practices (to say the least).

The best use for this card would be redeeming first class domestic travel on United. Lufthansa charges either 17,000 miles one-way or 35,000 miles per round trip, so your 55,000 miles will get you three first class one-way domestic tickets! Apply with your spartner and you will be able to book three (!) domestic round trip tickets (toss the coin who is flying the third time).

The $79 annual fee is not waved, and the deadline for this offer is June 30, 2014.

Chase Business Ink Bold and Plus Cards 60,000-point Offer is Back

Chase Ink

The terms remain the same: you need to spend $5,000 in three months, and the annual $95 fee is waived for the first year. If you still don’t have one of these products, you should seriously consider applying now. As a reminder, you can apply for a business card (any business card) even if you don’t have an official business. If you do anything that can be considered a side business (Ebay, garage sales, babysitting or tutoring, etc.) just write down your own name and your own SSN instead of the company name and Tax ID.

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