Credit Cards Can Send You on a Free Trip — Whenever, Wherever!




I’ve been thinking recently. It’s been over ten years I’ve traveled the world for free! It’s been easy. Sometimes, too easy. Imagine if you could just go into a store and get thousands of dollars worth of stuff for free. That would be insane, right? But that’s exactly what can happen in the world of travel if you smartly use your good credit score–or as they call it “excess credit”. It’s just amazing how hard it is for people to realize that they can profit handsomely from their good credit, and use it beyond mortgages, beyond car loans, and well beyond those credit checks, performed by landlords and employers.

Anyway, these are my thoughts that I wrote for Frugal Travel Guide. For those of you who don’t know, FTG is a great blog that probably started the whole travel hacking blogosphere. Check it out!


Let’s face it, personal finance is not an exciting topic. Not for the most folks, at least. Of course, it’s nice to have plastic in your wallet in lieu of cash, but it’s just a convenience and there is nothing exciting about it. The only people who are really excited by a credit card are those who’ve got it for the first time in their lives. Well, I guess, shopaholics too, but talk about the wrong reason! And then, there is this guy. Me. I am excited about credit cards because no other financial instrument in the world would allow me to do things I love so much: travel far away. Yes, cash is nice too, but the cash comes at a cost, no? Read more at: Credit Cards – A Folder Full of Goodies | Frugal Travel Guy

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