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OK, I am not–I repeat–not a Delta fan boy! Don’t believe me? Read these and you’ll see!

Delta Smacks United

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Delta Stole My Five Tiers Ideas for Their 2015 Redemption Chart

But how can I stay angry when I see something so good? I do not remember that I’ve ever seen such amazing Delta award availability to Europe in J, let alone in the peak summer season! What’s even better, you don’t need to use any tricks to fool the sneaky Delta award calendar. How long will these goodness remain open? Well, not long because…

When you try to find two or more seats, the computer (with very few exceptions) says no. So I’d say, the inventory is very limited. Grab it while you can. I personally can’t plan that far ahead, or I would be all over it.

It also means that this deal is going to be perfect for anyone traveling solo, or for couples who don’t mind some creative routings, but not for a family of four.

All my research is from NYC. Check availability from your own departure point if you are not in my neck of the woods.

The red circles on the map above are the cities where you can fly next summer out of JFK in a flat-bed seat for 125,000 SkyPesos–and the return availability, with some notable exceptions, is excellent too.

Not going to one of those places? This is why I made this map. Look how small Europe is! There are ultra fast trains, or ultra low cost carriers, or ultra cheap buses (push comes to shove) from wherever you land to wherever you might want to be–and wherever you land, it will not be in the middle of nowhere.

At first, I thought it was just some phantom availability, but I’ve never heard of phantom availability with Delta Airlines, only SkyTeam partners, like Virgin Atlantic or KLM. Still, I finished three dummy bookings up to the point where I was supposed to input my credit card information.

In most cases illustrated below, the non-stop flights on Delta are available. With Delta, you don’t need to guess; you are getting a fully flat-bed seat and a personal entertainment system.

Now, if this is indeed a phantom, and you end up reading the dreaded “this flight has just sold out” when you click to purchase your seat, please don’t get mad, get even. With Delta, not me, LOL. Make a screenshot, call and ask to speak with a supervisor. This is what Rocky from Upgrd did. He got his tickets, and he insists that Delta Phantom Award Tickets ARE BOOKABLE. I love people who don’t take no for an answer, and I can attest to the fact that Delta supervisors can manually override a lot of things.

OK, let’s cut to the chase.


Delta JFK-LHR 1         Delta LHR-JFK

There is a pretty good availability not only on Delta but Virgin Atlantic as well. If you want to try the VS Elevated class with no fuel surcharges, booking with Delta is the only way to go, AFAIK.


Delta JFK-CDG 1        Delta CDG-JFK


Delta JFK-AMS 1        Delta AMS-JFK


Delta JFK-ZRH      Delta ZRH-AMS


Delta JFK-VCE 1        Delta VCE-JFK


Delta JFK-SVO 1         Delta SVO-JFK


Delta JFK-FRA 1         Delta FRA-JFK


Delta JFK-BRU 1               Delta BRU-JFK


Delta JFK-MAD1           Delta MAD-JFK


Delta JFK-KEF 1            Delta KEF-JFK

Some additional notes.

  • JFK-PRG (Prague) has very little availability in J, but it’s there.
  • JFK-FCO (Rome): decent on outbound, but not so good on return, but again, it’s there.
  • JFK-MXP (Milan): ditto.
  • JFK-BCN (Barcelona): ditto.

Delta allows an open jaw and a stopover, but the Delta Award Calendar is especially atrocious for complex bookings. Always search one-ways and take screenshots. If the engine doesn’t let you book for 125,00 miles, call Delta and try to get it resolved. Be patient!

Finally, it’s true that Delta business class to Europe takes more miles than American (100K) or United (115K on their metal), but first of all, go ahead and try to find J availability on United metal (and to a degree on American, especially for non-stop flights out of NYC), and second, how long do you think it will take American to join the club? Just saying. 🙂



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