Closer Look at the Sweet Spots in the Aeroplan Award Chart Devaluation



Sure, why not? Let’s enhance.

Part1 is here: Are There Sweet Spots in Air Canada Aeroplan Devaluation?

Let’s take a closer look at Air Canada Aeroplan award chart devaluation. Is there a silver lining in that massacre?

Actually, yes. Kinda. I had a chance to play with it a little more and did find some. Not in those places that would make a lot of happy campers in our hemisphere, but it depends on your prospective on things.

Read my previous post again to see all notable reductions and let’s focus on the biggest prizes.

Indian subcontinent to Indian subcontinent is getting 40% reduction in economy and slightly less in premium classes.

  • from 50K to 30K, 75K to 60K, 105K to 80K

Now, Indian subcontinent includes the following countries: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka. If we remove Afghanistan and Pakistan as two not very touristy countries, we are still left with four. And India is huge, as all of us know.

You could fly from Delhi to Sri Lanka, Maldives or Nepal on Air India. You could also add two stopovers to a roundtrip flight, turning it into a multi-city flight like DEL-MAA (stopover)-CMB (destination)-MAA (layover)-BOM (stopover)-DEL. I don’t know if I would bother with business class, since all these flights seem to be quite short.

You should be able to book your stopover flights by calling the Aeroplan Call Center, since you can’t book two stopovers online.

This part of the world shows some improvements in the Aeroplan chart, although not too many.

Indian subcontinent to West, East and South Africa is getting 43% reduction in economy, 20% in business and 40% in first class.

  • From 140K to 80K, 200K to 160K, 280K to 200K

And yet, it’s still a non-starter, as both American and United charts have it cheaper in all classes. Pass!

But then, look here:

Middle East and North Africa to Middle East and North Africa is getting 33% reduction in economy from 50,000 miles to 35,000. The Canary Islands are in MENA as far as Aeroplan is concerned, and it’s one of the most underapreciated corners of the world for North American tourists. I was there, and it’s a lovely, all-year round resort worthy of visiting, especially on a free ticket.

So you can fly from Tenerife to Tel Aviv or vice versa for 35,000 miles with a stopover in Istanbul and Brussels. Or if you don’t want to return to Tenerife you can build an open jaw and make Brussels (or Munich if you return on LH) your final stop. Of course, there are a myriad of other options, so it’s just an idea. Remember that the changes are not in effect yet.

Sweet Spots in Aeroplan Award Chart Devaluation?

Sweet Spots in Aeroplan Award Chart Devaluation

Middle East and North Africa to West, East and South Africa and Indian Subcontinent

  • From 120K to 65K, 180K to 120K, 250K to 160K
  • From 140K to 45K, 200K to 80K, 280K to 110K 

I thought it was an amazing drop and it would surely be a bargain, then checked United rates. Meh! United is slightly better on these routes, which shows how insanely Aeroplan had overpriced these awards in the first place! Of course, with Aeroplan you have two stopovers rather than one, so that’s that.

 From South America to West, East and South Africa

  • From 140K to 90K, 200K to 170K, 270K to 210K

These are good levels if you happen to route your travel from South America, slightly better than United and much better than American.


In my previous post I said this:

We’ll find ourselves a hell of a silver lining, I promise!

Well, I spoke too soon. Sorry… Two small improvements do not compensate for the sea of negative changes. 

Of course, Aeroplan is still valuable for its mini-RTW capabilities, but this devaluation is bad almost all-around. Please let me know if you can see something I don’t.


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