Citi HHonors 75000 Miles Won’t Expire and Other Miles, Points, and Credit Card Tidbits



Citi HHonors 75000 Miles Won't Expire in September

Citi HHonors 75000 Miles Won’t Expire in September

Here are some interesting Miles, Points, and Credit Card News

Expiring Deals

First of all, about what’s not expiring.

The Citi HHonor Visa card 75,000-point bonus was set to expire on Sep 30. That’s not going to happen. They removed the expiration date from the old application, but just in case, here is a new one anyway: 

Citi HHonors 75000 until October 31

Of course, my friend TBB just ripped Hilton a new one (can’t say it was the first time), but you know what—I’m not going to argue again and again that 75,000 HHonors points are worth a hard pull for a no-annual fee card. I’m staying at Doubletree in Kualu Lumpur next month. 3 days for 30,000 points total. Worth it? 

Well, what do I know. Next! 

SPG Sweepstake

SPG Sweepstake

SPG instant sweepstake or, as I like to call it, that f#$@ing thing I never win is set to end on Sep 30. You still have a couple more days. Feeling lucky?

SPG Open the World Sweepstake

Speaking of SPG, there is 200 free points floating that have your name on it if you’re not signed up for receiving email statements. If you are, just uncheck it in your profile, sign off and go to the SPG Dashboard. Me? I can’t sign into the goddamn thing, getting a message to call. I don’t have time to call. It’s almost as if…

SPG Problem

SPG doesn’t like me anymore  😥 

$15 Statement Credit With Visa Checkout And Your Sapphire Card expires on Sep. 30, too. You don’t have to spend $15 to get $15—I love the math! The list of merchants is not impressive, but you can just buy a code to a game for 50 cents at New Egg and get your $15. Just don’t forget to pay with the Sapphire!


Chase Ink increased the sign up bonus to 60,000 UR points and removed the annual fee waiver. Which means you must pay the fee. As it has been the case for the last year (at least), you should be able to walk into the branch and get the same card with the $95 fee waived. YMMV.

If you’ve had this card before, YMMV too. Chase has increased the scrutiny and is reportedly denying people who tend to get UR cards for the sign up bonus only. To be honest, this ridiculous micromanagement does not become them. Can’t they have any sympathy for people who have to juggle a couple dozen credit cards? What’s the matter with you, Chase? We are your leverage against all credit uncertainties and delinquency woes in the world. It’s a jungle out there, trust me, I know! Stick with us! Please???

Citi ThankYou added Virgin America to the list of the airline transfer partners and is offering a 25% bonus to celebrate the deal. There are some interesting redemptions that’s possible to orchestrate on Virgin America (like San Francisco to Tokyo on Singapore for 40,000 miles without YQ!). It’s a very nice airline, but their transfer rates, both with AMEX and Citi are seriously overpriced. 625 Elevate points for 1,000 Citi points? And that’s with a bonus? Thanks, but no, thanks. 

Barclays Aviator sends out 15,000-mile promotions for spending $500 from October to December each month. I absolutely hate targeted offers because I am seldom targeted for anything, and after my long, long history with Barclays, I guess, they know better. 🙂

Air Canada Aeroplan is going to devalue its chart again in December, and it’s an overall bad news for premium travel from North America. Well, sorry, but I promised you news, not good news. The changes, however, leave some interesting possibilities for a creative mind, but I need to play with the new chart a little more. 


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