Choosing the Right Credit Cards Is the Only Key to Free Travel…


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…whether you like it or not. Follow my post on FTG (and the comments section) to see why the US Bank LAN credit card bonus that I announced a few days earlier is even a better deal than I thought. Hint: it gives you a free ticket between North and South America. Now, a paid ticket to South South America can cost you up to a $1,000, and sometimes even more. The offer expires on October 15th. Find this card here.

Every now and then, a nostalgic motive makes its way onto blogs and Flyertalk about the lack of all those super-mega-bonus credit card offers. Well, this nostalgia is understandable, but how reasonable is it? OK, so it’s not 2011. But we have gotten our share of great offers so far this year. There have been a few nice surprises, namely a 100,000-point offer from Amex Platinum, a few very nice 75,000-point offers from Amex Gold, a nice 50,000 Lufthansa miles offer from Barclays, as well as a more recent surprise from Citi AAdvantage. Sure, all these mile-fests have been short-lived, but so what? That just teaches us to act quickly when we see something we like. Read more

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