Choice Hotels in Scandinavia Can Be Booked on Points Again!



Nordic Choice hotels

Choice Hotels are bookable again

In my post on February 15, I wrote about the complete lack of Scandinavian Choice hotels available for point redemptions. There were none available in Sweden, Denmark, or Norway. Not one!

Massive Choice Privileges Devaluation (and a Silver Lining)

Well, it’s been fixed! You can book Scandinavian hotels again on the newly renovated Choice website.


Choice Hotels on points

I’ve also checked Oslo and Copenhagen properties for the next 60 days. Back in business, too! I would say that the ability to redeem 10,000 points for a $200+ hotel room is pretty SWEET! Compared to all other hotel chains trying to outdo each other on the scale and severity of devaluations, Choice looks kind of good right now despite its obvious shortcomings, the most egregious of which is a ridiculous 30-60-day booking window!

Choice Cash

… and cash

The Choice rep on Flyertalk explains:

Travelers –
We apologize for the delay in having reward nights available for the destinations we have regularly offered. You will now find all our regions available for reward night redemption. Thank you for your patience and for bringing this issue to our attention. Safe travels in 2016!

Considering that they have improved the Choice credit card spending requirement ($1,000 instead of 1 paid night at a Choice property), I’m actually tempted to apply. The 32,000 sign up bonus can pay for a 2-3-night hotel stay if you use it at a right place. Sounds like a real value proposition to me.

All well that ends well, right?

They’ve also come up with vacation rentals offerings, although these are only available in a few cities for now. But that’s a story for another day.

Choice VAC

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Thanks for the story. This is good news for anyone interested in Scandinavia.

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