Part 9: My Curated List of the Best Cheap Categories Marriott Hotels in Africa (Except SA)

Marriott Hotels in Africa: Le Méridien N'Fis Category 2, 12,500 points per night
Le Méridien N’Fis, Morocco: 12,500 Marriott Rewards points per night

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Marriott Rewards New Redemption Rates

There aren’t as many Marriott Africa hotels outside of South Africa as there are in South Africa. Still, there are some amazing properties, and you’ll find Marriott Rewards points handy while exploring the continent. Here is that old reminder once again.

Points or cash? The reminder

  • Just like with most other hotel programs, my approach is that you can benefit the most if you use your points at the cheapest or most expensive properties, but there are exceptions.
  • My lowest valuation for Marriott points is 0.8 cents – yours may differ, but always add taxes and other fees to look at the whole picture (because you don’t usually pay taxes on an award stay).
  • Consider the length of stay – with Marriott Rewards, you get the 5th night free.
  • If you stay for 4 days and have the Citi Prestige credit card, try to see if you can get a cheaper cash stay with the 4th night free. There are also all kinds of stackable discounts you can find at and other OTAs, especially if you use gift cards.
  • Keep in mind that with cash you earn points, and by redeeming points you don’t.
  • See if you can find a cheaper comparable hotel or vacation rental in an area you want to stay in.
  • But if you are a Marriott Rewards Platinum member, consider free food and booze you will not be getting elsewhere.

Please note: I’m not covering Egypt in this post. Yes, it’s in Africa, and yes, it’s fascinating, but there are over a dozen cheap Marriott hotels in Egypt, and it certainly deserves its own thread.

Marriott Africa Hotels — Malawi

Malawi is the first (alphabetically speaking) country we’re going to cover. It’s not the most visited country in Africa, but it has its own share of wonders, one of which is Lake Malawi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the lifeblood of this landlocked country with its spectacular beaches, abundant wildlife and crystal clear water, perfect for diving and snorkeling.

One of the other sites worth visiting is Majete Wildlife Reserve,populated with rhinos, lions, and elephants among other species.

Most importantly, it’s not teeming with tourists — yet — which can be a good or a bad thing under different circumstances, but with exceptionally friendly locals, it’s more the former than the latter. If’you’re looking for solitude and natural wonders, you might find it in Malawi.

There is only one Marriott hotel in Malawi, and it’s located in Blantyre, the business capital of Malawi. Blantyre may or may not be an interesting city to explore, but it’s a perfect base for a day trip to Majete Wildlife Reserve, and/or Lengwe National Park.

Protea Hotel Blantyre Ryalls close to Majete Wildlife Reserve

Marriott Africa Hotels — Morocco

Morocco is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa and doesn’t need an introduction. Marriott has 3 hotels in Morocco: Marrakech, Casablanca, and Fez. All 3 cities are on the tourist’s most-visited map.

Sheraton Casablanca Hotel & Towers: 12,500 points per night
Le Méridien N’Fis (from $94)12,5002
Sheraton Casablanca Hotel & Towers (from $93) 12,5002
Fes Marriott Hotel Jnan Palace (from $82) 17,5003

Marriott Africa Hotels — Rwanda

The Nyungwe National Park, which is the most cherished natural reserve in Rwanda, famous for its resident mountain gorillas, is quite far away from the Rwandan capital Kigali, but in case you have to stay overnight, there is a 5-star Marriott hotel you can book for 17,500 points a night.

Kigali Marriott Hotel: 17.500 points per night

Marriott Africa Hotels — Tanzania

Unfortunately, there are no Marriott hotels near Ngorongoro Reserve or the Serengeti, but there are 3 hotels in the capital Dar es Salaam (for that overnight stay after a long flight) and 3 hotels in other, quite interesting parts of the country.

  • Arusha, if you’re interested in trekking or climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.
  • Amani Beach — a small beachside resort, some 20 miles from Dar es Salaam yet “totally hidden from the world” per their claim.
  • Zanzibar, a beachside hotel close to the famous Stone City.
Protea Hotel Zanzibar Mbweni Ruins:looks blissful! 12,500 per night
Protea Hotel Dar es Salaam Courtyard (from $84) 7,5001
Protea Hotel Dar es Salaam Oyster Bay (from $81) 7,5001
Four Points by Sheraton Arusha, The Arusha Hotel (from $163) 12,5002
Protea Hotel Dar es Salaam Amani Beach (from $143) 12,5002
Protea Hotel Zanzibar Mbweni Ruins (from $123) 12,5002
Four Points by Sheraton Dar es Salaam New Africa (from $85) 17,5003

Marriott Africa Hotels — Tunisia

In the aftermath of the devastating 2015 terrorist attacks, tourists and tour operators pulled out of Tunisia for almost 2 years, but it seems that tourism has finally made a comeback to this amazing country. It’s a good thing that Carthage has never really been destroyed, at least, not totally. Nowadays, it’s a Tunis suburb. And not just a suburb, but a suburb with the ruins of an ancient Roman amphitheater. Marriott has one hotel in the Tunisian capital.

Sheraton Tunis Hotel: 17,500 points per night

Marriott Africa Hotels — Zambia

Zambia has Victoria Falls and some of the best Safari tours in Africa. And Marriott has several hotels that you can find useful. Most of them are in the capital Lusaka, but Lusaka is actually a good base for some cool day trips. Munda Wanga Environmental Park and Chaminuka Game Reserve are reasonably close, and Kafue National Park — the biggest park in Zambia –would require a ~4 hr ride.

For a short sojourn, you can book a couple of nights at Protea Hotel Lusaka Safari Lodge, some 25 miles from Lusaka, which, according to the hotel’s website is located “within its own private game reserve of approximately 2,500 acres.”

Protea Hotel Lusaka Safari Lodge files this image under the “The Grounds” category. Gee, I hope not … that close. 🙂
Protea Hotel Livingstone (from $119) 7,5001
Protea Hotel Lusaka (from $112) 7,5001
Protea Hotel Lusaka Cairo Road (from $78) 7,5001
Protea Hotel Lusaka Safari Lodge (from $103) 7,5001
Protea Hotel Lusaka Tower (from $129) 7,5001

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